TSC Music : Quality Hearing with Ear Protection

by Feb 21, 20170 comments

Genre : Music
Platform : iPhone
Rating : 4.5
Positives : UI, concept
Negatives : none

In the era of rock music, everyone become needy for high volume and quality music. But with high volume our hearing sense can’t be ignored as each person have unique ability to hear. Approximately every 1 out of 10 people are got issues for hearing loss most reason been hazardous loud noise which damage ear’s hearing organ which occurs mostly with earplugs which become one trending element of today. As our hearing is precious, so should be the equipment to ear.
Keeping in mind all above instance new well-defined application is being launch named as “TSC MUSIC”. It’s a first ever application which is developed with basic motive to improve & care for our hearing capacity even ensures the best quality of music. TSC, with the flawless display and neat layout of navigation which is user-friendly provides most happening experience of hearing. This is undergone intense testing at Stanford University which results in hit-like the app 7 out of 10.

– Allows integration with other music apps like Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify.
– Perform a test to collect data that creates graph of hearing status and auditory conditions.
– Got threshold sound conditioning technology which allows adjusting wavelength to different components.
– Allows to equalises perfect sound to hear with Active EQ.
– Adjusting hearing condition of each ear (left or right).

After downloading to enter inside The TSC music app, you need to sign up for an account via email, facebook or google.

Then it asks you to connect your headphones, then a short tutorial will guide you to easily use each and every feature of application. Now, we can configure hearing conditions, filter playlists and view graph on listening usage.

– Easy and handy navigation
– Attractive layout
– Helps in protecting and improving hearing ability with Threshold sound condition
– Easy customisation and adjusting of sound
– Provide best sound quality
– No need to save favourite music on mobile
– Track usage of time
– Creates chart showing progress of hearing and auditory conditions
– Easy integration with best music app like Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify

– Compatible with only IOS software which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod
– Need to re-login every time after closing the app
– Sometimes freeze while launching music from other sources

TSC music application is one marvellous application which developed to provide improved and protective hearing ability with amazing features, easy navigated user-friendly interface and access to music from all best music applications. It allows to adjust wavelength and other components with safe experience. It tests hearing condition and equalise sound combining ability for both ear with minimise damage and shows down the graph of whole value index of usage of application. TSC music application provides perfect sound, improvise hearing capability and hearing conditions. No other app got such beautiful and flawless display with high amount of value to adjust and locate hearing ability. one best feature it got is to highly profiled caring technology which allows full- fledged protection while enjoying music. Therefore, for all ios software devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, this is must have application to enjoy and experience new hearing of music.

Worth HAving App – Download the App