Ultimate Shopping List Android App – Simple to Start

by Sep 2, 20120 comments

Genre : Shopping
Platform : Android
Rating : 3.5
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When it comes to shopping, the first idea that scratches our mind is the luxury items that we dream of long night. The foot-notes automatically get synced up in the right direction and nothing can stop us. But the hopes shatter down when you are going to shop for some basic household items. It is a tedious task to keep track of all the needs. Also, you have limited amount of ‘green paper’ in your pockets and it’s your responsibility to carry out all the expenditures within the given budget. Want to save some dollars and buy a new phone? Just read down to the bottom.

Ultimate Shopping List is the ultimate conclusion of the above problem. It has been developed by Custom Mobile Apps. No more paper work and list-making; just pull out your android device and you are ready to shop. The app enables you to make multiple lists for different items with different labels as well. For example, groceries, clothes, stationary, etc. So, you can open any list with the requirement and start shopping saving ample amount of time. Also, it helps you to track your last purchase date along with the quantity consumed. It therefore helps you to analyze your expenditure and stabilize your budget.

Editing lists is very easy with Ultimate Shopping List. You can directly add or delete items from the list. There are some pre-installed item names in the app that cover almost all the common consumption items. Additionally, while shopping you can cross-mark all the items that have been bought to check for the items left.

The app is very well designed and simple to use. The user interface is like a ‘rewritable notebook’ having unlimited no. of pages with neat and clean paper work. It is easy to navigate between different lists and equally easy to change them. With nice graphics, it is pretty suitable for basic purposes. However, the app lacks certain quality features that take this app towards the bottom of the sea. First, it lacks any internet support. So, most of the related features like cloud syncing, email sharing, price comparing are automatically non-valid. Second, there needs to be an input for price of the item as well. That will help the consumer to calculate the expenses more readily.

The app is originally priced at $1 but is available for just $0.99 cents for a limited period. The offer is exciting and equally valuable.

We liked the app for what it is. But there is not much scope without internet support and that’s where this app lacks. This is the first app by the developer and we would like to see some more advanced features in the upcoming ones. Still, for the available offer, it is a sure shot and we will recommend you to buy this one before the offer lasts.

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