Updown Fitness- Your personal trainer in your pocket

by May 5, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Customization options
Negatives : none

With each new year, most of us make resolutions to be healthy and fit in the coming year. However, when it comes to executing these plans, we realize that the cost of a personal trainer is too high and way out of our budget. The iOS app Updown Fitness is here to provide you a personal trainer in your pocket. This virtual personal workout trainer will ensure that you stick to your resolutions and stay healthy throughout the year.


There is a lot more to this app that makes it the choice for your personal trainer. It allows you to customize your workouts as per your schedule and timings. Also, you are rewarded with points as and when you complete your workouts and stay on track. In addition, it gives you information about your health that most personal trainers would not be able to provide to you. Irrespective of whether you are an advanced athlete or a beginner, this app can be tailored to suit your needs. To keep you going, you can compete with friends and view and save their workouts too.


There are 5 different types of workouts offered by the app:

  • Cardio: This form is based on taking minimal rest and burning maximum calories so as to lose weight
  • Strength: This one provides exercises that are focused on specific areas of the body and help build muscle
  • Cross: This one puts together the best of strength and cardio to enhance the muscular endurance
  • Stretch: Specific muscles in the body are targeted through a set of stretches
  • Core: This is aimed at building your six pack

If you are unsure about the effectiveness of the app, you can try out the workouts before signing up using a guest account. Once you have been convinced, you can sign up through an email address. You then have to set up your profile by entering basic information such as your gender, fitness experience, etc. Following this, you must pick your workout type and the app will generate a workout that is personalized for your profile. Once the workout is generated, you can set the intensity level, location and duration too.

The user interface of the app has been designed pretty well too. You can customize almost anything and everything to suit your needs. You can mix up the orders of the workouts or repeat a few as well. If you are a beginner, you can also view an animated demo of each move. You can create workouts that do not require you to go out of your way or disrupt your schedule. Also, these can be adjusted to ensure that you do not strain yourself out too much at once.


Updown Fitness is the perfect personal trainer in your pocket. You do not need any additional equipment or external help. It is available for free download in the App Store, requiring iOS 6.0 or later versions. Transform your health at your own pace with this handy app.

Good: Customization options

Bad: None

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