Wiki1001 – A Doctor in Your Pocket !

by Jun 23, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : screens, best answers, UI
Negatives : none

A doctor in your pocket, one that is able to give you an answer on what question you may have. That would be something most of all would like to have.

Now it is possible to have something that is the second best. Here is an app that is able to answer more than thousand questions about the normal problems that are troubling us all.


The app is made by two doctors and the name The Intimate Friend is a god name for it, it is your intimate friend and it provides you with clear answers to many questions you may have.

The app is especially good for teenagers; it will give you answers to many of the problems teenagers all over the world is having.

Teenagers all have answers regarding their sexuality and this app is able to provide them with answers to many of their questions regarding sexual transmitted diseases, love, sex, emotion and all the other things that comes with discovering your sexuality and growing up.


The app will become a teenager’s best friend, it will answer so many of the embarrassing questions you have and do not want to talk to your parents about, something that many teenagers will love and something some parents might also prefer.

The app is easy to use and has a good interface and more than 100 answers to the most normal questions is in the databank and you can be completely anonymous. None of the questions, nor the people asking the questions are being tracked and the information gathered is not being shared with any third party.

The bonus feature of having an added catalog of ailments that plague people in different ages is also a good idea, it will help more people see their MD and hopefully more diseases will be found in time before it gets serious.
The app is so easy to use and such a good friend to have that you are able to help other friends if they have problems or issues, especially teenagers who would rather talk to friends about their problems than their parents. For once you are able to give your friends good advice when you are using the Wiki1001: Your Intimate Friend, something your friends will appreciate and something you will love.

The pros for this app: good interface, made by professionals, have answers for many questions, it is free, the app is versatile and you can add to it with bonus features.

The cons for this app: The app is not a substitute for your doctor.

The app is an app that many people have been asking for, for years. Finally, it I here to help teenagers with all their questions and as a bonus everybody else with what is troubling them. It is easy to use and you will be able to easily and quickly find the answers you are looking for, something that makes this app the best on the market by far, the two professionals that made this app is making a corner on the market and they are providing us with an app that will have a vital service in the community.

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