WorldMate- Let’s Be-Friend the World !

by Oct 30, 20140 comments

Genre : Travel
Platform : Android
Developer : WorldMate
Rating : 4.5
Positives : mapping & navigation - weather forecasting
Negatives : None

We all have our own assumptions about the places we haven’t visited yet. For example, if you haven’t been to another country, then there’s a certain mystique in your senses developed for that place that’s basically a hollow solid shell created by TV programmes and web. Of course, some of it would be true as well. But as long as you don’t experience it yourself, you can’t believe it. You might just like their folk dance which seemed pretty boring on Discovery. Nowadays, people are travelling more and more. But still the major chunk is still missing out and that’s mainly because of the costly flights and hectic travel. There are so many things that you have to manage for a 5 day trip that you finally settle for enjoying the holidays at your home. But the picture would have been very different if someone had assisted you and you could enjoy your holidays hassle-free. Don’t you think?


Well, if you think the same then you must check out this cool and amazing Android app called WorldMate that has been developed by WorldMate. The compatibility of the app varies with each device and so does the size. But let me tell you, the app has already had more than 1million downloads. So you can understand how big this fish is!

What’s amazing about WorldMate is that it covers each and every aspect of your travel. It’s not just a tour guide but a personal assistant that takes care of every unexpected issue of your travel and is always up-to-date. Let’s take a simple situation. You’re going on a business trip and you decide to take your family with you as well for some sight-seeing. Now, as you’re with your family, you want a direct flight. So add the destinations with your preferences and every available flight will be presented to you. Moreover, you’ll find the cheapest prices available anywhere. The next thing is to book the hotels. Again, this app comes to rescue as it brings you best deals from over 100000 hotels around the world. If you want to book a taxi from airport to the hotel or take any car on rental, even that’s possible with WorldMate!


Your whole trip is rightly marked on the map step by step. So you always know what the next step is. The home screen of the app has all the information you need. If there’s a delay in your flight or any such unexpected last-minute change of plan, you don’t have to worry as you’ll be notified in advance, thanks to the real-time status update of your flights. There are some additional features such as weather forecasting, currency converter and world clocks to make sure that you’re nothing less than a native in the foreign country.

Overall, this is definitely one of the best travel apps that you can find in the market. It’s available for free in the Play Store though there are some in-app purchases. You should definitely go for this one!

Pros: real-time flight status; hotel booking; mapping & navigation; flight reminders and alerts; weather forecasting; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App