Yoga – For Casual Yoga Training

by Jul 29, 20120 comments

Platform : Mac
Developer : Zeda Inc
Rating : 5
Positives :
Negatives :


Viaden Mobile’s Yoga provides an elegant user interface for learners of yoga on the Mac. You can use the quick recipe or fast mode to start your yoga learning session. The quick recipe only has one set of yoga exercise inside this free version. You can mix and match yoga exercises in fast mode and save your self-made yoga program in this application. However, the self-made program does not have verbal instructions to accompany your yoga exercises. You can use the two smoothing music tracks to embed inside your self-made program.

Inside the Pose Base section, you can see lots of yoga exercises inside this application. There are some instructions to be read when using each particular pose. But you have to browse one by one in the instruction knowledge base. The instructions can range from Beginner to Guru type of exercises.

Similarly in Fast mode, you can add yoga poses that range from Beginner to Guru. I like the music that is packaged inside this application but there are only two music tracks to listen. The music helps me to relax and carry out the yoga exercises. You can see what extra features by clicking on “view more” under the All-in Yoga full version.

Each of the exercises in the program base allows you to enlarge and view the exercise closely.  This is extremely important as if you do the exercise wrongly, you will get back pains and aches. However, in the fast mode, you cannot enlarge and view the exercises. You can see a larger version of the images when you actually start the exercises.

I will rate this free version as a casual yoga exercise application. The free version does not have voice narration of the steps on how to start the yoga exercises. You can see the images and do your yoga but I feel this is not enough for people who rely on visual and sounds to interpret things. If there are some sample videos of the yoga exercises, this will encourage people to buy the full version in the Mac App store. For now, I will stick to my opinion that this application is only for casual Yoga training.

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