british1With the fallout from the UK’s momentous decision to leave the European Union still causing shockwaves across the world’s economic market, it also poses an uncertain future for the nation’s prestigious tech industry.

The UK has proven to be a fertile ground for attracting waves of pioneering technology developers who’ve created innovative products in the realms of computing, design and gaming software. But with still no timetable in place for when the UK will leave the EU, it’s already causing many businesses and investors to question their role in the nation’s tech scene.

For the thousands who came to the UK to help pioneer the nation’s leading technological companies, they face an uncertain time as politicians struggle to find an answer to how to operate in the post-EU climate.


This is especially so in the new online domain where many rising stars on the UK tech scene like the Secret Escapes holiday website and the Fireproof games studio were previously able to operate with ease across borders thanks to the formerly less-restrictive marketplace. Nations like Australia have particularly enjoyed the digital possibilities of the free market with brands like being able to operate remotely in offering gamers games of roulette, blackjack and poker without the need for a bricks-and-mortar physical establishment.

And with retail revenues in the UK likely to drop, it’s the online environment that could hold the key to survival in the post-Brexit age. Much as Red Flush Casino have capitalised upon the smartphone phenomenon to facilitate gamers with a more convenient way to play a range of table games, it seems that the Brexit decision was a political choice that is directly opposed to the dominant trend of globalisation.



Already there’s been the worrying signs that the collapsing pound will mean that there will be less spending on UK technology projects. And as the UK was in the middle of establishing itself as a powerhouse on the global tech scene, such moves could present interesting opportunities for firms like Red Flush Casino to capitalise upon a newfound Australian enthusiasm for gaming that’s already led to some prestigious gaming investment plans to be proposed.

Such plans will no doubt cause many tech professionals to seek relocation after the surprising Brexit vote. There was already concern about the cost of living in London, and with no end to the uncertainty facing many foreign nationals currently working with in the UK, it seems that the nation’s tech industry will struggle to overcome the current political instability without lasting harm.