Mac has been the machine of choice for all designers include web designers, graphic designers & UI Designers. Here we come up with a list of Useful Mac apps for web designers.

Mac apps are all set to bolster web design on the Mac platform. While Daylite, Pixelmator and iClocker are obvious favorites, there are a few other apps which have emerged as big time web design tools and eased web design complicacies. Some of these have been included in the list compiled below.

Measuring with xScope

Easily the best web screen size determining app. Distance between images, texts, angles of rotation, objects and a lot more. Precise pixel position is easily determined with xScope. On-screen rulers located and measures elements on a page accurately.

Price: $29.99


Guideliner allows web designers use both rulers and supporting guidelines. Drag guidelines around page contents like graphics and photos and add lots of customizations like fade-in, fade-out, line colors and positions among others.

Price: $19.99

Art Director’s Toolkit

It measures diagonal and angular lengths, horizontal and vertical layout designs.  It consists of 3 tools and 8 utilities to help graphics designers come up with winning graphics for web design.

Price: $19.99

Aurora 3D Maker

It is one of the best apps for creating powerful 3D text. It is only a matter of minutes and even novice designers can create three dimensional models of logos, template texts and lots more with easy-to-use tools. Choose from fonts, angles of rotation, displacements and much more.

Price: $29.99

Templates for Pages

This app is an excellent addition to any web designer’s arsenal. For those new to Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, this app offers more than 200 templates, pre-designed to suit almost every website. Attractive posters, Brochures and flyers are made quickly.

Price: $16.99

Icon Slate

Now web designers can successfully create custom icons without the hassle and strenuous long hours. Customize backgrounds, take sneak preview and draw logos for several formats like Apple Icns, CandyBar iContainer or Microsoft ico. It’s pretty cheap too.

Price: $ 4.99


Patterno helps create explosive background patterns by compositing different graphics files and layers. This makes the app suitable for websites that are needed to deliver a visual style statement.

Price : $19.99



Fontcase offers a playful interplay between font and font families and even allows designers to tag fonts for easy location.

Price: $29.99

Art Text 2

Here’s another Mac app that uses pre-built shapes and styles to convert simple texts into stunning artistry. This is an affordable app which uses a variety of transformation options for attractive texts in websites.

Price: $19.99


Color Palette

Color Palette brakes down images in simple colors to help designers pick natural shades and apply those website backgrounds or logos. Build vibrant color schemes by simply modifying images into color catalogues.

Price: $1.99


This is yet another color maker app that allows designers to create and replicate colors from anywhere on the display. Images, texts, backgrounds, graphics- any color identifiable by the human eye is transformed and used.

Price: $9.99


Sprite Monkey

Sprite monkey is a fantastic app for creating CSS samples combining images and texts. Single sheets can be created with this Mac app.

Price: $2.99

Latest apps are constantly being developed to streamline web designing and aid designers in building smart designs and interactive tools.