Imagine being able to accept payment anywhere in the world for your business. No need for a credit card reader tethered to a phone line or a direct connection to the Internet. In the ever-evolving world of online business and eCommerce, making your business mobile ready should be a priority for any business. Mobile points of sale systems are the wave of the future in business. Not only are POS systems cheaper for a budding business, but also they’re convenient and really easy to use.


What is Point of Sale?

The POS, or point of sale system, is how you are able to accept payment for your business. Whether it’s through an eCommerce site, or in your own retail store, you must have a POS system set up. Within the last two years new systems have emerged that allow a business to take their POS system to the streets. This is a great system for small businesses just starting out that can’t afford a monthly service charge for a credit card machine.

How Can Going Mobile Help Your Business?

A good example of a business that could greatly benefit from a mobile POS solution is a massage therapist. Any therapist for that matter may take house calls, or have a temporary station set up in a grocery store like Whole Foods. Rather than only being able to accept cash or check payments, having a mobile POS system allows the freedom to accept credit cards wherever they are stationed. Just plug a device into your smart phone, or a variety of other tablet brands, and you can accept credit card payments. It’s really that simple.

What’s the Cost?

Depending on the service provider of your POS system, most companies take a percentage off of every sale rather than a flat monthly fee plus a percentage. Not only is this cheaper for your business, it’s also cheaper for your customers. Many small businesses require a minimum charge for a customer to use their credit or debit card, or they end up passing along a small fee to the customer so that they can cover their own costs.

Customer Safety

A lot of customers have concerns about the safety of their personal identity and information through POS systems. This really isn’t any more of a problem than with a traditional credit card machine or online transaction. Your phone or mobile device won’t retain any customer information; it’s all stored in the software that is in your POS system. Over the past few years various reports have shown that even using your credit or debit card in a grocery or department store can result in your identity being stolen. With a mobile POS system, all you need is a wireless Internet connection, and you are ready to go. Assure your customers that their information is safe. You can even send an email or text message with a receipt on the spot.

A mobile point of sale system is an ideal way to grow a mobile or small business. It offers a convenient and inexpensive solution that can really solve a variety of business needs.