It is elaborated that the steep rise in the use of mobile devices in our everyday lives primarily means we’re now adeptly searching the internet on the go, all day long. The most asked question of how many times have you looked on the internet on your mobile phone but you’ve not been able to utilize your chosen site properly? This might be since it’s not had responsiveness in mind when it was properly designed. More precisely a responsive website design includes a flexible layout that professionally enables a website to automatically adjust according to the screen size it is being viewed on. The PC’s and laptops have landscape screens; thereby it tends to view the internet on phones, and some tablets, more predominantly in portrait. This actually means you require having a responsively designed website for phone users and PC users alike to guarantee simple navigation.

Responsive Design So Crucial       

Suppose if your website doesn’t work on numerous screen types then there is a large chance that people won’t or can’t utilize your website. So think about it, if you don’t like a website it doesn’t look correct, you can’t click or tap on things also you go back to your search results and search for a different site to give you what you wish. In case those who don’t have a desktop device and only use a mobile to surf the internet would straight away be lost to you if your site isn’t actually responsive and primarily doesn’t work on mobiles.

As Google is the main search engine that users use, thereby you have to play by its rules. Google actually decides how good or relevant your website is and therefore find where to rank you on its’ results pages. One of the major positives of having a responsive design for your website is ameliorated search engine rankings.

Methods to Implement Responsive Design

Responsive design can be divided into 3 main sections respectively as layout, media and typography. Also, there is a few more to it than that. The layout is vital in terms of screen types and dimensions, so you have to get this right to even illustrate up properly on specific devices. As previously mentioned, you must ensure certain sections of your design layout will still function and look correct on other devices.