Your child’s favourite content has become more interactive. They bring your child’s favourite content and make it highly interactive; your children can watch content from their favourite creators – Scishow Kids, The Kiboomers, Lingo Kids, Super Greek Heroes, and so on – but with educational value. It will be completely free for the next few months. It includes interactive video content for children aged 2 to 6 years.

Kids Crave Attention, and Kidovo Adores Children

Better Screen Time

Encourages children to actively participate and learn through play with the content and characters they are watching instead of staring like a zombie.

Individuality Is Encouraged

It believes in the natural growth of children, so provides individual attention to each child and curated content.

Kid-friendly At All Times

The content has been approved by professional educators and is completely age appropriate, kid-safe, and COPPA compliant.

The Pursuit of Knowledge

It’s difficult to satisfy a child’s curiosity. They encourage the kids’ quest for new discoveries with their favourite characters by providing them with unlimited content that is constantly replenished on Kidovo.

Be a Part of the Adventure

The world is incredible. Every day, children learn something new. On Kidovo, you can see new words and concepts that your children have learned. Replay them and share these memories with your loved ones.

Expression and Creativity

Looking for a fun and easy way to entertain your children? Kidovo allows you to colour objects in a video, making it an ideal activity for rainy days or long car rides. Plus, with our diverse colour palette, your children will never be bored!

Educators Curated, Parents Trusted

Children’s Active Participation

Online content is mostly passive and becomes boring after a while; Kidovo replenishes it with fun activities and games to make it more immersive and interesting.

No hassles

A single subscription supports multiple devices. Both parents can login from their devices at their leisure and simultaneously.

Independent Learning

Although children require guidance, Kidovo believes in developing independent learning skills such as informed learning and learning through their own actions. You can explore a variety of topics with Ovo: Math, Science, English, Art, History, ABCs, Numbers, Number lines, Counting, Bedtime stories, Colouring, and Phonics are all topics covered.

Favourite Characters of Your Child

Kidovo is ready with your child’s favourite characters to explore their interests because children love to know more and more. Say goodbye to passive and addictive screen time and introduce your children to the wonders of active and interactive screen time with Kidovo!

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Final Words

How about seeing your child interact with kidovo rather than sitting inactively with a phone in their hands? The app’s built-in cartoon characters engage kids in various activities such as singing, dancing, and even yoga!