Developed by Yelaex, World of Smile is a fun and unique puzzle game that features mysterious physics-based drag and drop worlds and a lot of fun puzzles to solve. It also boasts a new brand of mechanics, combining drag and drop with spring’s physics, and includes a variety of special abilities such as freezing, exploding, and blowing.

An Amazingly Unique World

The story behind this game is unique and intriguing. The game was created as a joke, but the interesting gameplay mechanics quickly caught the attention of the developers, who then went on to create a brand new game world around it. The goal is to use the non-smiling creatures’ springy arms to build the tallest tower and finally let them see space.

Intricate Puzzles

The gameplay is as simple as possible: drag and drop rect Chops to build physics-driven constructions to eat sweets. The levels are designed like puzzles, which makes them interesting to play. The first version of the game includes 21 levels, and the developers are eager to hear the opinion of players.

Privacy and Security

This game respects your right to privacy and allows you to change authorization certificates in the settings. You can also download and play the game for free, and play it offline.

Key Features – World of Smile

  • Mysterious physics-based drag and drop world
  • A lot of fun puzzles to solve
  • New brand mechanics with drag and drop + springs physics
  • Use a lot of special abilities: freeze, explode, blow and much more
  • Download and play for free!
  • Play offline!


World of Smile is an incredibly unique and fun puzzle game. It features a mysterious drag and drop world filled with intricate puzzles and a variety of special abilities. It is free to download and play, and respects your right to privacy. Give it a try and see if you can build the tallest tower in this amazing new world.