Consumers are turning to digital to make purchasing decisions even more than before. Shoppers use Google not only to find products to buy online but also to find products or services near them. For example, a customer looking for an SEO training service solution may Google “SEO training Vancouver” to find self-storage facilities near them in London or “London gift shop” if they want to find a gift shop in London.

To capture sales, businesses with physical locations must provide customers with a more personalized, seamless, and locally optimized experience. Here’s how it’s done:

Start With a Google Business Profile

The first step in increasing in-store sales for your company is creating a Google Business Profile. Your business, such as an SEO training Toronto agency or storage units in Victoria, can appear on Google Maps and Google search results local map pack by creating a Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profile is entirely free to produce. Ensure your business information, such as your address, pickup and delivery options, and store hours, are correctly displayed on your listing when creating your account.

Emphasize Your Company’s Distinctiveness

Individuals desire to purchase from companies that share their values, so emphasize what makes your company stand out. On your Business Profile, you can choose from various attributes to inform customers about your company, such as whether it is led by a woman or is LGBTQ+ friendly. When you add products to your Merchant Center account, these attributes may appear in the Shopping tab.

Run Local Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads local campaigns are intended to assist businesses in providing potential customers with the information they require to decide when and how to visit their stores. Local campaigns make it simple to promote your stores across Google’s most prominent properties, such as the reputed Google Search Network, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network.

You only need to specify the store locations you want to promote when you create a Local campaign. You can do so by connecting your Business Profile or by selecting affiliate locations.