Feature Flux is a product team design collaboration tool. Getting meaningful feedback from stakeholders can be difficult, and getting it all in one place can be even more difficult! Feature Flux is your one-stop shop for design information.

Because of built-in version control, you can refer to every decision made throughout the product design cycle and why. Assure that your entire team is working on the most recent designs, and you can say goodbye to the dreaded question, “Is this the most recent version?”

Feature Flux Features to Look Around

  • Wherever you need it, feedback is available. Obtain pertinent feedback on your product designs.
  • From the napkin sketch to the final hand-off
  • You build software screen by screen, and Feature Flux allows you to do the same.
  • This is not a design tool replacement. Connect your favorite design apps to Feature Flux directly.
  • Forget about face-to-face meetings. Maintain asynchronous communication with everyone.
  • With design version control, you’ll know why and when a change was made.
  • Share your designs in a simple presentation and solicit feedback from stakeholders.
  • Keep everything necessary in one place.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

  • In seconds, invite your teammates and assign them to projects where they will be most helpful.
  • Do you require feedback from another department? Invite them to a presentation or bring them in!
  • All of your design decisions and feedback are in one convenient location.

Quickly Refer Back To Previous Versions and the Decisions You Made

  • Refer to previous iterations’ feedback to determine why a decision was made.
  • Do the final designs correspond to the original concept? Iteration tracking will assist you in making your decision.
  • Without leaving the current version, discover why a new iteration was created.

Get Actionable Feedback to Keep Your Projects on Track

  • Create onscreen prompts to assist stakeholders in providing relevant feedback.
  • All of your design feedback is in one place, accessible to the entire team.
  • External stakeholders do not need to create an account to provide feedback. It’s only a link.

There’s No Need to Be Concerned About Accidentally Updating the Wrong Designs

  • Screens can be locked with the click of a button.
  • Rest assured that only the account administrator can unlock a screen.
  • Check on your team’s progress by quickly filtering projects by locked screens.

You Design Screen By Screen; Your Collaboration Tool Should Function Similarly

  • Accelerate the review process by receiving feedback on the intended apt screen.
  • With just a click of an apt button, you can transition from the design screen to the stakeholder presentation.
  • Leave the whiteboarding to other apps and focus on what matters.

No More Switching Between Tools to Complete a Task

  • Incorporate a Figma file URL into your project.
  • Choose the Frames you want to include in your project.
  • Add any notes and distribute them to stakeholders.
  • View all of the comments and feedback in one location.

Final Words                                                                      

We highly recommend Feature Flux. It solves hugely complex menaces or problems that most, if not all, design teams face every day. The ease of use and simplicity in dealing with these issues are game changers.

Web App: Feature Flux