Free Music Download Pro Plus- Free Music Downloader and Player is an iOS app that provides you with legal and free sounds along with videos and footages of live concerts directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. There is a varied music collection that will suit different kinds of tastes. What gives this app a special edge is that it has both a download manager and a browser packed with several exciting features.

Working with this app is extremely simple. To allow your browser to activate downloading music, you just have to tap the screen once in order to listen to the samples and then decide which file you wish to download. Another special feature is that you can download all of the songs or music files from a given page at one time, which means that you can select multiple files and watch them being downloaded without the least effort on your part.

Downloading video files is equally easy. All you need to do is tap it and hold on the video. This will download the selected video into your library. If you like watching your favorite files many times, then an exclusive bookmark manager gives you the option of starring those tracks that are your favorites. With the download manager feature, you get high download speeds that enable you to download music files rapidly and also facilitates download of multiple files at once. You can pause the download in between to resume it later and even cancel a particular download in the middle if you notice an error of any kind in the file. The manager has a progress bar to keep you posted about how much of your download is complete and what stage and state your download is in at any time instant. Thus, you can easily monitor your downloads and have complete control over them.

There is an exclusive download badge which you can earn after downloading certain number of tracks using Free Music Download Pro Plus. To organize your music files better, you can rename your files to any desired names. There is a file manager that is capable of sorting your music based on file type, data downloaded, name or file size.

The playlists have been designed like the iPod ones to give you a better feel. You can download a variety of files including audio books, videos, live concerts, music files directly on your iOS device without any hassles or much effort. While you listen to music, you can use the app media player to display the lyrics of the song. There is a music player and a video player, both of which are well-equipped with great features. There are also album covers. There are other special features like social media sharing, sleep timer to turn off your player in case you happen to fall asleep and equalizers. The music quality is great and the user interface very intuitive and clear.

If you are a music lover and like to organize your music in your own way, then Free Music Download Pro Plus is just the right app for you. It is very flexible and simple to work with and has great features that make it worth downloading indeed. There is a free version of this app available for download in case you wish to give the app a try before buying it. This version is limited to storing only 15 files and does not allow Wi-Fi transfer, unlike the Pro version. The complete app costs $0.99, which is truly worth what you get from it.  You can also download Free Version Here.

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