HD or high definition Movie Wallpapers is an App specially created for your Android phones or tablets by Mark Heinis. This App helps you to download the wallpapers of the latest movies you can think of such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Dark Knight and so many others. The list just goes on. More than 500,000 high quality Movie Wallpapers sourced from all the greatest movies till date are available. At least single wallpaper is available for any movie that is requested for. Even wallpapers of obscure or lesser known movies are available for downloading.

You can save HD quality Movie Wallpapers and share your collection with friends online making use of the highest quality features of this App. Extra information and trailers of the movie are also displayed when downloading the wallpapers.


ü  More than 500,000 movie-based wallpapers are available for you to choose from.

ü  The Wallpapers are properly resized in High Definition for your device, irrespective of the size of your phone or tablet.

ü  The Wallpapers can be resized by the users themselves and users can also choose a portion of the entire image to be retained as the wallpaper.

ü  The added features include the fact that extra information and trailers for each movie is also provided along with the wallpapers.

ü  All the above features make this App an irresistible offer for movie addicts. This App will soon be compatible with iPads too.

Summary: This App is a must-have for movie addicts as it contains extra information along with trailers for each movie. Saving and sharing HD Movie Wallpapers online with friends without compromising on the quality is another desirable feature. Resizing these wallpapers or choosing a portion of the image to set as the wallpaper can be easily done by you. Trailers as well as extra information about the movies are provided along with the wallpapers which may prove to be of interest to movie buffs.

Good: More than 500,000 wallpapers are available for you to choose from. All the greatest movies, need not be the latest release, have single wallpaper at least to its credit. It lets you find and download wallpapers of lesser known movies too. You can share your collection with friends online without losing out on HD clarity or quality. Extra information about the movies along with trailers is available with the wallpapers. Users can easily resize the wallpapers to suit their tablets or device without losing out on quality. The wallpapers are of exceptional clarity and quality. A wide number of wallpapers are available to choose from.

Bad: Sometimes it is difficult to open after getting the app updated. Some users find it difficult to download.

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