onlineeOnline gaming is not a new term for the readers. In fact, when half the total gamers are playing online, that’s quite obvious. Multiplayer gaming has a very bright future and that’s only because it eliminates some of the virtual element of playing against a machine. You have two brilliant minds working on both sides and epic tales of battles are written almost every day over the great canvas of web. When LAN gaming competitions are being held in colleges and games like Counter Strike become a super hit overnight thanks to their multiplayer gaming option, we know that there’s something bigger waiting in the near future.

You can find almost any game online where hundreds of other players can be found to challenge anytime. So don’t worry when it’s midnight and your friends are too tired to play poker with you, you can instantly find countless websites which will allow you to play Poker for free and that as well with any number of competitors you want. Games like Need For Speed which were already very successful have seen a huge shift since they have opened up their online server for multiplayer gaming. One can accept the defeat on the hands of a virtual machine but another human being is too big to fit in that concept. When you know that the person on the other side of the screen will be making fun of you after winning the match or might even share his/her score on his/her Facebook account, it’s not a game anymore and that’s what attracts the gamers across the world for multiplayer games.

Talking about Facebook, one can say that its huge success rate is very much accountable to the amazing games it has on offer since the start. Who can forget Farmville, Mafia Wars, Candy Crush Saga, Criminal Case, etc. I remember that people used to ask their friends to water their plants in their absence for Farmville. The craze was amazing and that’s what helped bound all the people together in one bond. There are so many people on Facebook who are friends but have never talked to each other. But when one of them invites other to be his partner in a game, that’s where a new relationship starts.

Of all the online games, Casino games enjoy the highest share of players and the graph seems to have a positive slope forever. You have got so many games such as Black Jack, Slots, Roulette, Poker, Bingo, etc and they are all very popular. The credit goes to the online casinos which have allowed people to play Royale style and gamble as much as they want right from their home.If you’re good at it, you don’t have to buy a ticket to Las Vegas to prove that. Even if you don’t gamble real money, you can play with friends or strangers over your laptop or even Smartphone. All you need is the right app installed on your card.

So there are a lot of online games to check out. What are you waiting for?