If your kid is inquisitive and curious and you are looking for some good educational app to keep him engaged during his leisure time, then the iOS app Little DetectivesK is where your search ends. Developed by PUBLSTUDIO INC, it has been created with the aim of increasing the learning capacity of children. It will help boost your child’s intellect. This iOS app requires an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or higher. Besides, it needs a total of 193MB for saving and running.


Not only does this app enhance interactive and educational skills, it is also very enjoyable. With a target audience of kids between ages 5 and 12, it tests the problem solving skills of your kid. Kids are asked to perform different tasks and complete certain missions. With a variety of games, the chances of boredom are almost zero. This game will help your kids make the best of their free time by engaging them in learning so as to keep their tender minds fresh and active. It is a unique amalgamation of fun and learning both.

The storyline of this app is sure to catch any kids’ fancy. Noah, Jina and Kyle input their time and effort to unravel hidden clues as part of a detective group. The game sets in with the disappearance of a couple of peanuts from the school cafeteria. These three best friends take on the onerous task of revealing hidden clues and solving this mystery. Kids are able to connect well to this adorable story and will put their heart and soul into it.


Each of the three detectives has unique talents. One excels at studies and another at sports. They call their detective team Little DetectivesK. Their tasks include locating places on maps, completing tasks in time, finding clues, observing patterns, finding hidden items and more. Each task is created so as to test a different aspect of your child’s personality and enhance it.

While there are many similar apps in the market, Little DetectivesK stands out on account of its excellent graphics. Keeping the fact that it is for kids in mind, bright, eye-catching and fresh colors have been used with cute amazing pictures. The graphics will sure draw your child’s attention. There are background sounds based on the task at hand to add to the fun factor.


Through playing this game, your child is sure to benefit in numerous ways. With innovative puzzles, it helps your child test and develops his logical thinking. This will sure take him a long way later in his life. Through PathFinding and Box Puzzle, spatial perception skills are greatly enhances. With Heartbeat Recognition, concentration and memory can be developed. Clue finding helps build determination and concentration. Attention skills are polished through fingerprint matching. It works on different life aspects of your child’s intellect and sharpens each one.

The best part is that this app is available for free on the App Store. Just download and watch your kid grow as a person, while also making the best of his free time.

Good: Good storyline and excellent puzzles

Bad: None

Worth Having Application – Download Fun App