It is proudly stated that everything is done professionally well as you uncover many salient features which just show or enumerate how much care was put into the web app during development. People are all assuaged on in the amazing app. They are in love with the key features, but it’s really beneficial with this web app.

More importantly this must be among the top examples of progressive web apps. They are real estate service that’s based in Mumbai. The popular platform does its best to simplify searching for a place to live, be it for rent or kind of purchase, in over 35 major Indian cities.

In early stages, the team had to overcome the page load challenge as many users were gathering and using at the same time. Moreover, they meant that people would download the native app as often as would want. A special feature of PWA enabled passionate visitors to use the platform in an offline mode right from browsers.

Among the focused aims that they liked to reach was delivering exclusive web experience. And according to the PageSpeed Insights scores that the website obtained, it can boast amazing 100 out of 100 mobile-friendliness scores.

In addition this earns revenues from advertisements placed by developers, brokers and home owners. It also wholly generates revenues by providing marketing tools to builders like 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality. enumerates with massive success rate and being regarded to be qualitative real estate portal founded by IITians, which has emerged as one of the popular poster boys of India’s e-commerce sector.

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