There are so many things happing around the world and your locality or your neighborhood is not excluded from it. It is quite important to be informed about the locality you live in and the school you send your children to. When I found this app, HomeFacts, I was really curious what a simple app can do, but I was amazed to see the result. Though I was using the app just out of curiosity, I found it to be delightfully helpful for those who are thinking about buying or renting a new home or admitting their kids to school.


HomeFacts, presented by is a nice app that tracks not only the crime rate in the locality but also the location of people who have committed those crimes. It specially tracks the sex related crimes and tells you how far you are from the person. You can also get an idea of the physical appearance of the person. It is better to be safe than sorry and this app is going to be your safeguard whenever you are moving to a new location.

HomeFacts, is going to tell you the average financial condition of the people living in the locality or your neighborhood. At the same time it is going to tell you what the density of population is in your area so that you can take an informed decision. This can be really helpful in the long run and when you are making a lifetime investment. You are going to know the level of education of people in your area along with the median income and more. You can also check out the unemployment rate of the area.


The app is going to be really helpful in searching properties. It will tell you the median property value of the area along with the number of units that are vacant. So, if you find the property value to be high or very minimum properties available in the area, you can always move to a different location.

The app taps the high level school data. It will tell you the rating of the school, the enrollment related details along with the phone number. So next time you think about changing school of your kids or you are about to get them admitted for the first time, just search through the app. You can also check out the school location on the map.


If you want to know the geographical details of the area you live in then check this app out. The app will tell you the possibility of earthquake in your area. You can even know the former drug lab location from the app so that you can keep your family safe.

The version 1.0 of the app is available for free and it takes around 14 MB space on your android device. You require android 2.2 or later on your device for the app.

Good: The app provides you up to date information and good for living a risk free life.

Bad: If you live in an area where the details are organized by some committee then you can get the right information, otherwise there will be some variance.

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