Reviewly assists businesses and tech recruiters in managing the take-home projects that they assign to job candidates. It enables them to create take-home projects in which they can request coding assistance while also discussing an issue and/or reviewing a pull request directly on GitHub.

Take-home Projects Tailored to Your Requirements

Instead of a library of pre-built exercises, Reviewly establishes fully customizable GitHub repositories for each project. During the interview process, you can ask candidates to write code, discuss issues, and review pull requests.

Improve Your Current Hiring Procedure

Reviewly can be integrated into your hiring process via the Zapier integration. To avoid bias, candidates’ identities are concealed from reviewers until they have completed their assessments.

Give the Best Candidate Experience Possible

Allow your candidates to take the coding test on their own machines rather than a simulated web environment that tracks every mistake. Allow them to demonstrate how easy it is to collaborate with them.

Makes Life Better For


  • Reduce hiring bias by hiring in accordance with your company’s culture and process.


  • Enhance productivity by automating processes and integrating them with existing tools.


  • Access to data, evaluation of communication and collaboration skills, and hiring on a consistent basis.


  • Make a good impression on candidates by testing them in a familiar situation.

Everyone Benefits

  • Make a centralized location for your team to handle and review take-home projects during the interview process, which will improve candidate skill evaluation and streamline the hiring process.

Hiring Mistakes Can Be Avoided

Reduce Bias in Review Processes

Even if it is unconscious, bias exists. We hide candidates’ information from your reviewers until they review them in order to help you achieve your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals.

Take-home Projects Should Be Automated

Cease requesting your engineering team/manager to send candidates take-home projects that they must then review. After your team has established the projects, all you need is the candidate’s email address, and they will handle inviting them to their own GitHub repository.

Access to Historical Data

Candidates frequently reapply for positions after some time has passed. Reviewly allows you to keep track of all previous candidate submissions as well as team feedback.

Simulate Real Work Projects

As a developer, you are aware that our job entails more than just writing code all day. Begin assessing your potential co-worker’s communication and collaboration skills by asking them to respond to issues and review pull requests.

Final Thoughts – Hire Developers More Effectively

Develop and distribute take-home projects that assess technical, communication, and collaboration skills more quickly and effectively.