IKARIN Flying: Challenges to Save the World

by Jun 2, 20140 comments

Genre : Casual
Platform : Android
Developer : MasakariGames
Rating : 4
Positives : Good graphics and concept
Negatives : Difficulty level may be overwhelming for some

With global warming and natural disasters, it is essential that our children learn to value their natural heritage in the form of flora and fauna. Sea animals ensure ecological balance in the water bodies, which cover a majority of the surface of our planet. IKARIN flying, an Android app, is here to help you teach your kids exactly this, while also providing them with quality entertainment and a lot of fun.


The storyline will sure fancy the imagination of children and parents alike. A group of UFOs invade the planet and kidnap all the sea animals. IKARIN, a squid girl, chases them to restore them to their homes, that is, the sea. However, IKARIN is powered to fly not by some magic potion or jetpack but by her own anger. You have to charge her with anger and watch this anger get redirected to the power to fly. Your aim is to decide a UFO, chase it and catch it and then return the sea animal to the fish bowl. Once you have restored all the animals, your onerous task is then complete.


This android app is easy in the beginning and gets harder as the game progresses. The difficulty levels get very challenging further on, making some players want to give up. However, the joy of saving a sea animal is unmatched indeed. The simplicity of the game and story make it worth playing. It is designed for those who like gaming but prefer simplicity. It is something like a vertical shooting game actually, only without the shooting. Instead, you have to dodge a good number of obstacles, crush them and rescue all the 30 kidnapped animals. You can also use your friends to destroy the further UFOs.

The user interface is quite well designed. It is a bright colorful app with a lot to offer. IKARIN has been portrayed in the form of a cute pink squid with adorable eyes. The UFOs are of various colors. The background is very catchy with the blue-green of the ocean and water bubbles all over. All of these make the app attractive and all the more fun to play.


The app doesn’t require much at all. You just need an Android device with version 2.3 or higher and only 27 MB of free space on it. With this, you can install it and start playing. Owing to its difficulty, it will be a good while before you will be able to complete it. It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

If you like uncomplicated fun games or wish to keep your children engaged while also teaching them a few valuable lessons, then IKARIN Flying is the perfect app for you. Empower your anger to save the world and be the ultimate hero. With excellent graphics and a series of challenges, it is sure to keep you engaged. All you need to do is to download the app, install it and get started with the game. It sure is worth giving a try.

Good: Good graphics and concept

Bad: Difficulty level may be overwhelming for some.

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