Game Genre: Casual

A Journey to Victory with DiveBomb Chomp

Staying away from worries and stress is a basic requirement of life and a game which is enjoyable as well as easy can do that properly. There are several android games that are made for fun but when you don’t have to involve your brain into it,

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IKARIN Flying: Challenges to Save the World

With global warming and natural disasters, it is essential that our children learn to value their natural heritage in the form of flora and fauna. Sea animals ensure ecological balance in the water bodies, which cover a majority of the surface of our planet.

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Family Link : A Unique Relation

Family Link is the name of this amazing solution. Actually it’s an Android app that has been developed by Necta Game. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or any later version of the OS.

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Wordsplosion : Let Your Mind Explore the New Words

If you have ever been to a true battle, then look for the wordplays being played out there. If you have listened to some of the greatest artists of all time, then do check out on what message they are trying to convey and how cleverly they put it in front of a wide audience such that only a few wise men are able to crack the crux.

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ScareCauldron – Mix Your Own Horror Tracks

It doesn’t have to be Halloween, when it comes to putting a good scare into your friends, co-workers or family members. And if you have a handy app on you phone which can help you produce the most eerie and scary sounds with a tap of your finger, even better.

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