Reminder & Countdown free : To Make Countdowns More Special

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Genre : Productivity
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Sergey Astakhov
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All of us have those times when we make plans to do something with a great deal of enthusiasm but we would have forgotten about it in the same jiffy. Things slip out of our minds very easily and you are faced with disappointment and frustration. There are also some of us who get so excited about things and events that we start counting down seconds to it. If you fit into either of these criteria, then you have to try out the Reminder & Countdown free iOS app.

It allows you to add on important events in your life such as meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, concerts and many more. Once you add the event, the app gives you a note or alarm before the marked event. This will make sure that you do not forget an event and help you keep track of all the important happenings in your life. This is not all. For every countdown, you can even customize them with your own unique special backgrounds and set the alarm sounds that you would like to hear.

The countdown clock on this app helps you count down an event to a particular date, zooming into the specific hour, minutes, and even unto seconds. The app is versatile and can be used not only as your countdown clock but also as a timer, event reminder, utility for time management and alarm clock. Entering dates to remember them is an easy process that is quite effortless and simple. It will regularly notify you of the exact time left unto that event. You can see reminders at regular intervals to keep better track of important events as you count them down.

There is a stopwatch for the time interval too, along with a timer that will remind you of the interval of time and gives you hints or pointers to the end. You can synchronize the time with ease and keep track for events like Christmas, vacations, birthdays, New Year and so much more. To keep you posted about events, there are push notifications too.

Another great feature that is not found in most alarm clocks is that it can repeat a particular event annually. This means you have to set reminders only once in your entire lifetime and rely on this app to help you keep track with the important dates and times. There are great sharing options available on this app. This allows you to share personalized reminders through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email.

For each event, you can enter the date, time and name of the event. You can then move on to select an icon of your choice and set a period for repeat. You also have the choice of selecting the number of notifications and alerts that you receive, with 5 being the limit. Select a suitable background from many different colors and designs. The sound of alert for an event can be chosen by you too, along with the font size for text from over dozens available to you.

Reminder and Countdown free has an attractive user interface that is simple and easy to use. And the app is free of cost without any special registration. The app has wonderful sharing and customization options and is a must try for those who get excited easily.

Good: Customization and sharing options

Bad: None

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