More and more of us use apps every single day, whether for gaming or exercise, and keeping track of personal finances or business tasks. Apps are convenient and easy to use, allowing anyone to access information on the go through their mobile phone.


However, apps also come with problems, namely security risks. In fact, research carried out by the British government found that more than half of UK businesses suffered a cyber attack during the last year. With more businesses continuing to offer apps to their customers, this is an alarming statistic, particularly with regards to sensitive, confidential information.

When developing an app, it is essential that developers consider security and take measures to reduce cyber threats. However, it is not enough to only consider security during the development phase; it must be an ongoing development in order to keep users and information safe.

This is where managed security services (MSS) come in. While larger companies may have their own dedicated security team, for smaller enterprises, keeping on top of security can be difficult. Managed security services provide app protection, offering intelligence on cyber threats, analysing malware and thwarting attacks.

Here are just some of the benefits of MSS:

Reduces Costs

For smaller businesses, paying for the necessary software and technology required for app security may be beyond their budget capabilities. Instead, an MSS can offer sophisticated 24-hour security, providing affordable protection for your app.

Lower Wages

For many smaller businesses, hiring a dedicated security team may be beyond their budget capabilities, but hiring an MSS company can help to lower the wage bill. This prevents a company sourcing, employing and training staff, also reducing the amount of office space required.

Security Expertise

An MSS provider specialises in cyber security, meaning their staff are experts in their field. An MSS continually upgrades their processes and systems to offer their clients the best security tools, providing the skills and experience needed to combat threats.

Early Detection

In addition, the expertise and knowledge of MSS staff can help to stop security threats in their tracks through early detection, which could prevent breaches from happening and keeping your app safe and secure for users.

With more businesses being effected by cyber threats, app security is essential. As such, consider outsourcing app security to managed security services, which offer an array of benefits, including reduced costs and expertise, to keep your app functional and safe.