We are a part of the same civil society that President Obama is. We have families and we know our responsibilities very well and abide by the laws of the society. When we’re off to work, we work like dogs all through the weekend just to make sure that there’s not a single knock on our door when we’ve got the ‘don’t disturb’ sign on our door during the weekends. In fact, we’re the most valuable employees of our reputed companies. Everybody likes to party and we’re no exception. We know where to spend what we’ve earned and there’s nothing bad about it. People think it’s a hideout for our addiction but it’s as social as a Sunday afternoon barbeque with your friends in the back of your house. We’re not criminals. We’re not druggists. We’re not Dexter. We’re Gamblers!

Gambling is banned in many countries and while it’ll always be considered a bad influence for young children, it’s good if you can afford it. So as long as I earn enough money to support it, I think I should be given a chance to risk it. But alas! Traditions don’t change so quickly and therefore we’ve found the right alternative for it.

Online casino games came into existence with a very simple idea, “If you can’t go to a casino, the casino will come to you” and it clicked with everybody. You don’t have to lie to your family for staying outside the whole night. You can play from your home and it’s always better when your family knows where you are.

But an alternative can only sustain its existence if it’s capable of replacing the original one and with online casino games; the ball is well in their court. Suppose you’re looking for poker options on a gaming website. Now you always have a tendency to compare with the casinos. So things like number of tables, maximum bet, players and most importantly the user interface come to your mind and believe me, as a review writer I’ve seen so many of such websites as well as other Apple and Android apps and they’ve just replaced a real casino. I mean you have all the features on your fingertips. You can choose your own table according to what bet you’ll be playing. You can chat with your fellow players and nowadays even live poker and other casino games are open for you. So is there anything you can’t do? Oh yes, you can’t drink too much and throw on the other player after losing!

One more thing is that they’ve got all the games on board. Whether they’re slots, Roulette, Blackjack or Bingo; you just name them and you have it on your table. In fact, whenever I write a new review about online slots, they’ve got something different for me in store. Now I think that there are more games online than you can find in casinos because many new games have evolved after this online revolution.

So do I have anything left to say? You’re living in a world of online casinos and if you still can’t get your hands on it, don’t blame the society, please!!