Summary: SQURE Messenger is a reliable and secure messaging app that uses RSA-4096 encryption to provide secure SMS communication between smartphone users.


September 8, 2014

VAPC Interactive Solutions AG
Michael Herscovici, CEO
Hietzinger Kai 169 / Top 202
A-1130 Vienna, Austria.
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Vienna, Austria — VAPC Interactive announced today that on August 7, 2014 they launched an innovative new Android app: SQURE Messenger <> [Google Play/Communications – FREE] is a messaging app that uses RSA-4096 encryption to ensure that smartphone-to-smartphone communication is 100% secure and unhackable. The app allows Android users to exchange personal information (messages, account information, health data, etc.) without concern of their data becoming compromised.


The launch of this app couldn’t be more timely, with news of fake cell phone towers being constructed to target individual consumer data, hackers compromising the Cloud and stealing celebrity photos and the government snooping on our private communication — SQURE Messenger is a long overdue solution that protects the privacy of everyday people. SQURE uses encrypted messaging technology from the sender to ensure that messages are encrypted before leaving the user’s smartphone. This prevents the message from being decoded by anyone other than the intended recipient. In addition, VAPC does not store messages or user information, as messages are delivered using basic text (SMS) technology, which makes it impossible. Users do not need a network connection, anywhere there is cell service, SQURE can be used to send a protected message.


SQURE returns confidence to consumers that the information they are sending via text is protected and uncompromised. In the ever changing digital/mobile environment, this peace of mind will be invaluable to those who need to send personal details like a phone number, address, credit card information, health questions or other communication which should be entirely private to another person. SQURE also encrypts a user’s internal phonebook and message history by using 4096-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the privacy of all users. Stop hackers from stealing your information, protect your messages with SQURE Messenger!


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