pokkYou can call it a battle of fates or a game of the sharpest minds of the world. You don’t need a degree or a Blackberry suit to call yourself the master of this trade but a mad devotion and the desperation to conquer the world. Well, all I’m talking about is a game but its players don’t treat it as one. Poker – one of the most played card games around the world. It’s probably the best seller game in every casino. But how did it happen?

It appears that the game was first played in 1829 with a deck of just 20 cards. The game became popular instantly and spread like swine flu. However, soon after its spread worldwide, the 52-card deck was introduced and it’s almost the same since then. So many generations have come in and gone out but the original taste remains appealing to everyone. But this journey of the classic would be incomplete without the role of one – The Internet.

We say that the game had a widespread popularity since its start but it was still considered a casino game only. People were supposed to gamble and that’s why it was mostly ban in most of the countries. But internet changed the whole scenario. To the young generation, Poker is nothing but a game of cards that they can play with family and friends. The online multiplayer games have further boosted up the spirit. There are still many gambling portals available on the web but now you have an alternate option as well.

For example, people in the past did not have any sort of entertainment source like movie theatres. So when they wanted to see some action, they had to deliver it themselves. So they started fighting and that resulted in World War I and II. Then the movie theatres were set up for masses and people got their fantasies being completed on reel and they avoided turning it into reality. So now when you want your country defeating your enemy, you don’t have to start another fight but just watch the previous highlights and that really saves a lot of butts from being smacked down.

Now back to Poker again, the game has really seen some sudden shifts. One was obviously the phase of internet and another is the result of Smartphone industry. When you carry your world on your sleeve, it means everything. So now your 52 card deck fits into a Smartphone with same size as its original pack. In 888casino you can find every card game whether it’s Poker, Black Jack or other casino games such as Roulette, Slots, etc.

Poker is not a game anymore and I guess it never was. People play it for fun and enjoyment and as a means to get together with friends and family members. It’ll always remain alive whether we’re or not.