There are very few communication modes as successful as Skype is. Almost every internet user will have Skype account to make calls to their friends and families or even for business purposes. The best thing about Skype is its Skype to Skype free calls. On top of that you can make calls to any mobiles and landlines at minimal charges. Not to forget the ever awesome instant messaging service. All these make Skype a must have app in your mobile phones. The iOS devices like iPhone and iPad have specially designed Skype app, using which you can make videos calls to your friends and families at any moment.


Skype works really well in both the iOS devices iPhone and iPad. All you need to do is install it in your device, start an account and start using Skype to make calls. It does work on iPod touch but only on 2nd generation onwards.

Skype on iPhone:

There are few doubts about extensive use of Skype on mobile phones such as iPhone. People think when it comes to Skype it is better to use it on desktop and laptop alone. But the real fact is that, Skype as been aptly customized for mobile phones so that, we can do anything and everything that Skype is capable of. All you need to do is Open and join by opening an account for yourself. Once you have opened your account, start adding contacts to your list.  The best thing about Skype for iPhone is that, it works wonderfully well on both 3G as well as Wi-Fi connections. You can make calls from Skype to Skype at free of cost and also to mobile phones and landlines which comes with a subscription fee. And in order to receive incoming calls and messages to your mobile phone, you will have to be logged into your Skype account. But one thing has to be noted, that is Skype can be run in the back ground in iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs. But when it comes to Iphone 3G, you cannot run it in the background since multitasking is not allowed in iPhone 3G mobiles. That is you will need iOS 4.3 which allows multitasking.

Skype on iPad:

The best thing about Skype on iPad is that, making video calls will be a delight. With the larger screen you will be able to make video calls which would be even more satisfying than that on iphone. Again with iPad you will be able to run the Skype in the background with the multitasking feature.

Skype for iPod touch:

When it comes to Skype for iPod touch, you can use it only on the 2nd generation devices. That is because the 1st generation iPod touch does not support Skype.


On the whole Skype on iOS devices will be a really good experience. All you need to do is log into your Skype account and start making calls to your loved ones, as simple as that.