There are some classic games which have been around for a long time. These games are favorites of many classic gamers and most of these successful games have been released for various different platforms. Racing, sports and fighting games are amongst some of the most popular categories in gaming and there is one game which almost all gamers know about. This is the popular Need For Speed series released by EA. Distinctive Software, which is now a part of EA, came out with the first version of the game. No one, back then, knew how big of a success would this game be. Regarded as one of the best racing games of all time, Need for Speed has a rich history as there have been over 15 years since the game first came out. Today, it is available on most gaming platforms including the PS3, the Xbox 360, the PSP, Android, iPhone and even for ordinary mobile devices. The first ever version of the game, the Need for Speed, was released in 1994 for the Sony Playstation. Since then, the series has received wide popularity from hardcore, as well as casual gamers.

The Need for Speed series is all about racing where players race using different cars on different tracks. There are different modes of play and the first versions of the game featured only pure racing. However, several recent versions of the game include Police chases apart from ordinary racing.

Need for Speed gained further popularity when the company released a new version for the Playstation 2 soon after the release of Sony’s gaming console. There were several fans which were ready to try out their favorite racing game on a new console with better features and graphics and there were some new gamers who were looking for a decent racing game for the PS2. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 was the first title for the PS2 which became really popular. Soon, fans saw several new releases in the Need for Speed series which made it a favorite for gamers in the racing category. Even though the game was really popular with its titles on the PS1 and the first title for the PS2, the major turning point came when Need for Speed underground was released for the PS2. This is still considered as one of the best games for the PS2 and the underground era took the Need for Speed series to a whole new level.

The Need for Speed series is definitely one of the most played game series of all time, especially for raving fans. There is simply no match for what the game offered back in the early days and what it offers currently on the new gaming platforms including the PS3. The massive popularity of the game led to EA releasing the game for portable devices like the PSP, as well as for smartphones. The iPhone Need for Speed game is one of the most played games for the iOS and EA increased the market size after releasing the game for the Android platform.