If there’s one thing that any tech fan truly loves, it’s a new app that can provide a little digital assistance in a range of tasks whether it’s talking to a friend, or even just playing some online slots.

And as the app industry is now bigger than Hollywood, 2016 looks to see an evermore competitive race to deliver some groundbreaking apps, and here are some that have caught our eye.

New ways to socialise

We’ve already featured the likes of Are You In that provides a relatively easy way to organise a group of friends for a social event, but last month the internet heralded Peach as being the social app to watch for 2016.

This messaging app provides a familiar feed of friends’ activities, but by allowing the user control over who sees the content, as well as the interesting use of ‘magic words’, it could deliver a much-needed shake-up to the fascinating social app market.

Apps to change our realities

Many tech-aficionados are already well aware of big brands jumping aboard the virtual reality bandwagon. But until we get our Oculus Rift headsets, there’s some fascinating apps such as Modiface that can use augmented reality to help beauty fans find the perfect make-up combination.

And in the gaming world, there’s expected to be a big trend of apps that follow the likes of SpecTrek which allowed gamers to go ghost-hunting in their own homes.

Whereas Mr Smith Casino have illustrated the way in which games of live immersive roulette can be played remotely, alongside the brand’s slot games that allows gamers to play trick or treat with the fun graphics and impressive progressive jackpots.

Organising apps

Whilst playing online slots on a smartphone can be fun, there’s also a range of new apps that aim to help us get a little more organised in 2016.

Since the advent of cloud technology, most of us will have suffered the occasional moment of confusion when trying to locate an elusive file. But the Cubes app can gather everything from Dropbox to your Google Documents in one easy-to-reach place.

And similarly, the user-friendly Proud app helps you organise your life so that you can work, sleep, relax and even play some online slots completely guilt-free in 2016!