MetaPix is a mobile application with photo editing, AI editing, and video editing features. MetaPix allows users to apply various filters and effects to their photos, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation and add text or stickers.

MetaPix’s AI editing feature employs advanced algorithms to automatically enhance photos and remove flaws such as blemishes or red-eye. Users who want to improve their photos quickly and easily can save time and effort by doing so.

MetaPix offers video editing tools in addition to photo editing, allowing users to trim and merge video clips, add filters and transitions, and adjust audio levels. As a result, it is a useful app for users who want to create and share professional-looking videos on social media or other platforms.

In addition, MetaPix provides a variety of features that can help users easily improve their photos and videos. Its combination of photo editing, AI editing, and video editing tools makes it a versatile app for creating and sharing content.

Metapix is a community where artists can create, discover, share, and promote their work. We combine the power of AI and human creativity to create incredible image edits in seconds. Set your image in an unusual setting. It can be airbrushed on an Exclusive Destinations or left as a sand imprint on the beach. You are invited to enjoy a new and wonderful experience with the following effect. There are personalised video messages and greetings from your favourite musician.


Look great with the Barbi Effect, Double Effect, and Magazine Effect.

Portrait Painting:

With Awesome Portrait, you can immerse yourself in the history of painting and culture.


Is yesterday’s acne on your face preventing you from posting your close-up selfie from today’s party, or did you get sunburn at the wrong time? At the very least, you have a dermatologist for your photo. With Beautify effect, you can easily fix minor flaws.

Drip Art:

Display your creativity by using our artistic filters to make your selfies eye candy and sweet selfies.

Pencil Sketch:

Give Pencil Sketches from Photos! Vintage, Sketch, Doodle, Colour Sketch, and Change Sketch backgrounds with smooth edges and curves are available.

Smart Filter:

AI Filters and Colour Filters can be used to add outstanding art effects to photos, making them more appealing, artistic, and eye-catching.

Other Key Features

  • Backgrounds:
  • Neon Art:
  • Frames:
  • Hair Color:
  • Age Progression Effect:
  • Magazine Art:
  • Mirror & Clone Effects:
  • Sticker
  • Face Swap:
  • Gender Swap:
  • Profile Picture:

Final Words

Metapix is a place for people to make, discover, and share art. Metapix combine the power of AI and human creativity to create incredible image edits in seconds.