Android is usually the last when it comes to the release of top applications. However, android tablet users have finally got something to smile about as the HBO GO application is now available for android tablets.  Basically, the HBO GO application has been around for quite some time and is available for the iPhone,iPad, Xbox 360 and now the Android OS. The application allows users to stream HBO videos and movies on their devices and is the perfect application for massive HBO fans. Even though the application is only available to U.S citizens, there are millions of HBO fans and subscribers in the U.S alone who can benefit from the app.

The update now supports android versions up to 4.0.6 Ice Cream Sandwich.  Many of the android users were frustrated when the application was released only for the android kindle in early June.

Even though HBO released the update for Android as promised, there is still some bad news. The Nexus 7 tab is just around the corner and will feature the Jelly Bean firmware of Android. Therefore, this application will not be available for the Nexus 7 users for now. However, there are rumors that the Nexus 7 tab will soon get the support. The app also runs quite well on Android smartphones but it requires a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches.

The HBO GO application is totally free and you can download it from the Google Play Store. However, you will still need a full subscription from your cable provider in order to access all the content. With the new HBO GO, you will get access to over 1000 different HBO classics. Game of thrones and True Blood are amongst some of the most popular titles which you can watch using the HBO GO.

From sports and drama to comedy and top movies, the HBO GO is the perfect application for Android users. The newest update not only supports android tablets, but there have been major performance improvements and bug fixes.The stream quality is excellent and you can enjoy all the HBO classics on your Android tablet. Also, the HBO GO application works really well on tablets featuring the Honey Comb operating system.

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