Jelly Bean! Yes, Jelly Bean is the hottest topic on Android at the moment and the upcoming OS was recently revealed. The Jelly Bean update will feature several improvements in the interface while getting a Google Assistant which will be very similar to the popular Siri Assistant which is available on the iPhone 4S. The firmware is also likely to feature the Google Chrome browser which is one of the fastest browsers currently available. The Ice Cream Sandwich featured some major improvements for the Android OS; however, Google has decided to take things to the next level with Jelly Bean. There have been several rumors about the support for different phones; however, nothing has been confirmed as the Jelly Bean has just been revealed. It is certain that the new Google Nexus 7 tab will feature the Jelly Bean firmware, however, Samsung has made an interesting comment which points to the update releasing soon for some of its smartphones.

The comment made suggested that Jelly Bean will soon be available for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Another thing which points towards this is the last minute change to the RAM of the Galaxy SIII and with 2GB RAM, Jelly Bean is likely to run really well on the SIII. Most sources suggest that the update for SIII will be released in the 4th quarter of 2012, which is why SIII users are anxiously waiting for some positive news. Even though there have been major rumors about the availability of Jelly Bean for the SIII, Samsung did not comment directly on the question of whether or not will the Jelly Bean update come to the SIII any time soon. Instead, they made a statement saying that if a new firmware version is available, they will review the features of it before implementing the update into one of their smartphones.

 Apart from the confirmed Jelly Bean firmware in the new Nexus 7 tab, the old Google Nexus S smartphone will also be updated to Jelly Bean really soon. The Google Nexus S has been constantly updated and the users now have something new to smile about as the Jelly Bean update is set to roll out in July.

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