The war, in China, between Apple and Proview came to an end as Apple paid around $60 million in order to get the rights to sell its famous iPad in China. The battle was going on for months on the iPad name and Apple can now sell its iPad without any further problems in one of its biggest markets. China is the second biggest market, after the US, for Apple and it accounts for nearly 20 percent of the revenue generated by Apple.

The recent announcement made it clear that all disputes had been resolved and that Apple can openly sell its iPad in the Chinese market. Some retail shops were forced to remove the iPads from the shelves some time back, however, the iPad is now widely available in the country. As the iPad availability in China as delayed and a further delay would have cost Apple a lot. Even though Apple had to pay a whooping amount of $60 million, many analysts claim that this is an incredible news for Apple as the company will be able to carry out its sales in China without any further complications or distractions. Many analysts claim that solving this dispute will result in a major increase in sales for Apple for the upcoming month of September.

Proview was looking to settle the dispute with around $1.57 billion, however, several analysts claim that the $60 million deal is beneficial to both parties. Even though the iPad was a trademark of Proview, this was still a decent settlement as Apple was the company which made the image of the iPad. Apple claimed that it had bought the rights from Proview in Taiwan for around $55000 2 years back, however, Proview responded by saying that Apple had bought the rights of one unit of Proview which didn’t give them the rights to use the name in mainland China.

With the dispute being over, Apple is now in a comfortable position in the Chinese market and a further delay in sales would have led to further complications for Apple in the Chinese market as it was deciding on releasing the new iPad in China by the end of this year or by the start of 2013.

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