The Mozilla Firefox is possibly the most downloaded web browser for different operating systems. However, the browser hasn’t been the best for the Android OS. There have been various browsers, for Android, which have been faster than the previous releases of Firefox.  The app has been popular offering various features; however, the lack of high speed and performance let many Android users down. However, Mozilla just released the update of its Firefox browser for the Android OS. Many users were waiting for a big update from Mozilla and wanted an improvement in UI and performance.  Mozilla stated that the new update is a lot faster than the previous versions. Apart from the speed, there have been improvements in security and some new features are available as well.

This is definitely one of the major updates which Android fans were anticipating and the new update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Basically, the company claimed that everything has been optimized in order to give out the perfect experience to Android users. The startup has been optimized and the pages will load a lot faster. Also, the zoom feature has been improved. They also claimed that the web app performance has also been improved significantly for a better feedback.

The default Android browser has been poor and not many people use the default browser for web browsing. Mozilla also claimed that the new update is a lot better than the default Android browser, which is again a plus point for Android users. Other improvements have been made on opening and using tabs within the browser, syncing and for the add-ons for the browser. The user interface has also been improved. Also, there is a totally different screen for syncing your Android browser with your PC browser, in order get all the passwords and browsing history.

The new version also supports Flash, which means that you will be able to enjoy Flash videos and games using the Firefox browser. It promises a better Flash support and therefore, videos are likely to be smoother. The update also features some major security updates such as Master Password.

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