Facebook has emerged as a powerful platform for the businessman to showcase and advertise their products among the crowd. But it has been equally beneficial to all and you need to put some extra effort to take your brand one step ahead. Here are some of the tips that you might find effective for marketing on Facebook.

Profile – Remember, first impression is the last impression. Try to make your profile picture as catchy and product specific as possible. Also, keep the profile active and interesting with regular wall posts.

Fan Page – A Fan Page is a page devoted to a brand or an icon on Facebook. So, invite people to join your page. Post latest videos and news updates regarding the brand and allow fans to comment their personal views.

Groups – Groups are formed around a certain topic or area. A group allows you to play a role in the society just like a social community. Also, you can directly contact with all the group members via message.

Events – Facebook allows you to create private or public events. You can invite anyone to your event to be a part of it. Whether it is a launch party or a discussion gathering, you can either open it up for everyone or just for a few selected ones; the choice is yours.

Regular Updates – A cold cup of coffee is never enjoyable; make it hot. Keep posting unique stuff on regular basis. It maybe status updates, tech news or videos. You can also organize fun competitions and quizzes to let your fans know more about your brand.

Make It Big – Make proper utilization of everything available to you. Use as big profile picture as possible to create a heavy impact on the viewers. Eyes are the most sensitive part when it comes to marketing.

Tag Your Fans – Whenever you post a new image or a video, tag all your fans or allow them to tag themselves. This automatically takes that post to their walls as required.

Landing Page – Target different set of audience with different pages. For first time users, take them to your ‘like’ page. Old members can be taken to a more activity concerned page.

Rewards – Reward your members with awards like ‘fan of the month’ etc. This will boost them up to be more loyal to you.

Contests and Polls – Questions with options ‘yes’ or ‘no’ get a heavy response from  the crowd. Organize contests with a cash prize for the winner. These are very fast and effective tools.

Active Participation on other Pages – Don’t be limited to your own page. Join other events and groups related to your business and show your participation there. It will help you to develop.

Add Facebook Links on your Site – Integrate your Facebook pages with your official websites so that users can go directly to the fan page and join them.

Marketplace – Here, you can buy and sell anything within your social circle. Also, see what the connection between you and the seller is.

Target Each Age Group – Don’t just limit your reach to a particular group. Remember to have something for each and everyone.