Davai – The Pharma Market is a revolutionary new online pharmacy app dedicated to connecting medicine distributors and stockists. Developed by Tark AI, this app is designed to make it easier than ever to purchase and sell medicines online. Read on to find out more about this innovative product!

Davai is your one-stop solution for B2B pharmaceutical transactions. Connect with manufacturers and stockists nationwide. You can experience seamless, fast, and secure transactions today.

Key Features of Davai – The Pharma Market

Davai is an all-in-one solution for medicine wholesale. It offers a secure and transparent platform where stockists and manufacturers can connect, purchase, and grow their business. Davai also provides a wide range of trusted medicines available for purchase online.

Loyalty Tiers

Earn rewards on every purchase. Be loyal to your vendor and be to become our Platinum member and get the maximum benefits.

Live Order Tracking

Receive real-time updates on your order status via push notifications and email notifications.

Custom Orders

Customize your order by mixing and matching products. Our Machine Learning algorithm tailors dynamic pricing to your needs.

Introducing the Davai Club

A loyalty program meticulously designed to reward our dedicated customers. As you traverse from Copper to Platinum, your journey with Davai is not just about more purchases, but it’s about experiencing enhanced value, exclusive privileges, and a closer bond with a brand that prioritizes your health. Dive in to discover how your loyalty is valued and rewarded at every milestone.


Davai is a great resource for medicine distributors and stockists. The app offers a convenient way to purchase medicines online and features secure and transparent payment options. There’s no need to worry about the safety of your transactions when using Davai.

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Davai is an excellent choice for those in the medicine distribution and stocking industry. This app offers a secure and transparent platform for connecting with manufacturers and purchasing medicines online. With Davai, you can rest assured that your transactions are safe and secure.

Davai - The Pharma Market