Letters can really get your mind boggling. If you disagree, then you must try out the new app Just Jumble on the iOS App Store. This game requires you to read clues from a cartoon and then find out the right word from the jumbled letters. If you get stuck at any point, then you just have to shake your iOS device to jumble all the letters around. It is a newer version of the daily Jumble that features in over 600 websites, magazines and newspapers every day. This app commemorates the 60th anniversary of the classic game Jumble.


The game is not as easy as it sounds. Most phrases or words have well intended clever puns or word plays. This, combined with the simplicity of the app as such, makes it a great app to have on your phone. No complicated settings included. All you can do is turn he sounds on or off. Developed by Jeff Knurek and David L. Hoyt, there are over 240 Jumbles for you to rack your brains over. More puzzles are being added all the time. Coming from the master puzzle creators of the times, they will sure get you thinking.

With the completion of each puzzle, you earn yourself some coins. You can further use these coins to get help in further puzzles in the form of color codes, show letters or the special Hoyt and Knurek Hints. This ensures that you do not stagnate on a single puzzle for a very long time. Accomplishments can be shared directly from the app on Twitter and Facebook.

The cartoons are interactive, fun and innovative. They take the Jumble puzzles to a whole new level on creativity. Each cartoon has a quote from a comic book or the like. Each has a missing word that you have to figure out and fill in the box provided. Tapping on the device screen will zoom into the image. The meaning and humor behind each cartoon is witty and appreciable.


Each puzzle has been designed as a masterpiece by Jeff and David. A lot of thought has gone into them and the hints to them. Adveractive has done a splendid job with the graphics and the cartoons. There are enough puzzles to keep you engaged for hours on end. As a cherry on the cake, this app is free of cost. There are some in-app purchases in the form of clues.

If you want to test your vocabulary and lexicographic skills, this app will take you a long way. It is also an excellent way to develop both. All you need is an iOS device with iOS 5.1 or higher and 39 MB space on your device. With this and some time you kill, you are all set to go. Meant for people of all ages and all across the globe, this app has immense potential with a brand name that is enough to win it all the fame it could need. Get your thinking caps on for this app.

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