Last year, Apple announced that its App Store had generated more than $10 billion from customers. This figure hardly comes as a surprise though, with our consumption of apps becoming ever stronger. The iPhone is the world’s most popular smartphone model, and whether we’re using it to track our workout or visit Royal Vegas online casino, we are becoming more and more reliant on having the world at our fingertips.


Here are the top five must-have apps for your new iPhone, to keep you connected, entertained and up to date.


Instagram is the world’s favourite photo-sharing social network. With our iPhone in our pocket, we can now snap the world around us at every given opportunity, whether it’sof our holidays or just our lunches. This app will allow you to share these moments with your friends and followers, as well as giving you creative inspiration from other accounts. Ideal for all the shutterbugs amongst us.


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be a struggle to keep up with the latest TV show hit or blockbuster release. Luckily, you can bring them all to the palm of your hand with the Netflix app and indulge in new and old releases whenever suits you. The app is completely free, but a Netflix membership is required. It’s a steal though, at just £5.99 a month and a free month long trial when you sign up. Guaranteed to make your commute more interesting.


Keep your foot constantly tapping with Spotify. Boasting an extensive catalogue of online tunes, this app lets you browse your favourite artists and create playlists for every mood. You can even make your music available to listen to without an internet connection, with a new radio-like shuffle feature giving you full offline access for free. Whether you’re singing in the shower or the rain, the Spotify app should be music to your ears.

Google Maps

Make getting lost a thing of the past. The Google Apps is far superior to the native Maps app, with a range of great features. It’s completely free to install and uses GPS navigation to make every journey stress-free. Enjoy live traffic updates, local reviews, voice guided turn-by-turn navigation and a 360-degree Street View all at the click of a button. You’ll never need that old A to Z again.

Find My iPhone

Losing your phone is always stressful, but this handy little app can help if it’s ever misplaced or stolen. Simply download the free app to your iPhone, along with another iOS device or Mac. You can then use the app, or log on to to locate it. If it’s just lost around the house then you can activate the phone’s ringer to help you find it, or if it’s been stolen you can lock the device and erase all your data. It’s a simple safeguard to give you peace of mind.

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