Gyfted offers psychometric and behavioural science-based tools to empower teams and job seekers with insights into personality, abilities, preferences, and motivations. Gyfted software assists founders and team managers in improving remote hiring.

Hire or Get Hired As a Recruiter

This job-seeker software aids in students’ and career changers’ job search and personal development. They are creating tools based on open psychometrics and artificial intelligence. It is helpful for recruiters and job seekers looking for a recruiting and job board platform to connect professionals.

About Gyfted

Find hidden talent as soon as possible. Using automated screening and sourcing software developed by scientists and technologists, we assist startups in hiring for skills and culture fit. Gyfted is developing tools based on psychometrics and data to provide insights into team’s and individuals’ personalities, abilities, preferences, and motivations. Gyfted provides you with free quality assessments. They are comparable to online ones for $9 or $50 per single test.

Rather than taking disparate tests on various websites, take assessments to get a comprehensive picture of your personality. You can even use it after applying for your dream role. Based on over a half-century of psychological research, each assessment provides meaningful feedback on your personality traits. The results of the evaluations will help you better understand yourself and aid in your personal development.

Why do you need Gyfted?

Gyfted allows you to search for opportunities as both active and passive candidates. Recruiters, UX designers, and psychometricians collaborated to create Gyfted service.

How do I get proposals?

You can apply for any roles you see on our job feed, and recruiters can contact you directly and request to be matched and connected — the rest is up to you.

Job Search That Works

Apply once and receive numerous matches.

  • Inform of your preferences, take assessments, and apply, save, or skip any role. As you use Gyfted, your job matches improve.

Increase your good chances of landing a job by twofold.

  • You can apply both directly and through Gyfted. This effectively doubles your application and chances of being hired.

Discover your ideal job.

  • Stop scrolling endlessly to find roles that fit you and have recruiters contact you.

Final Thoughts

Hiring is frequently biased, and companies seek candidates with degrees from prestigious universities or prior work experience at well-known companies. At Gyfted, we aim to eradicate hiring partiality and allow your personality and skills to shine. This way, you can find an excellent job even if you need to gain experience with a reputable organization.