May 27, 2019

All You need to know about popular HYIP

Any project or company offering guaranteed returns for their investors which are higher than bank yield might be also called HYIP. Among huge Internet investors it is primarily accepted to understand by the term sites that provide high returns, but operating on the pyramid principle.

How does it happen?

Since majority of HYIPs working on the Internet has no representative offices offline and actually deal with redistribution of funds between their members. Moreover there are no activities leading to the production of added value, and the promised interest is paid from funds coming from new registered members.

Who Develops HYIPs?

It is generally noted that
either one man or whole group can work to develop HYIP. The HYIP creator is also
called admin. The market is constantly filled with new members; most of them are
focused at raising funds. Such HYIPs are developed extensively for a project
admin to earn.

There are administrator who
can make high-quality, long-lived programs. Such HYIPs are invested heavily and
in the future a lot is spent on advertising. It is backed up by a whole group
of people: a programmer, designer, organizer and advertiser. Primarily these HYIPs
are rare, but even ordinary members who enter in the development stages of the
pyramid earn in them.

What Are HYIPs developed for?

They are developed for the
project organizer to make money. It is the main thing to understand when
investing in HYIP programs. At the same time, with the right adopted approach
to the HYIP, correct calculation of when to enter and exit might yield profit.

What Types Of HYIPs Are?

You can divide HYIPs into
three groups with respect to tariff plans or, in other words, profitability.

  • Low-interest HYIPs – Programs with the yield of up to 15
    percent per month
  • Mid-interest HYIPs – Programs with the yield of 30 percent –
    60 percent per month or 1-2% per day
  • High- interest HYIPs or Fast HYIPs
  • Programs with the yield of 60% per month, or from 2.5 percent
    to 3 percent per day and above

Also subdivided in to two
groups of HYIPs:

  • MLM (multi-level marketing) programs – The focus is on a
    multi-level referral program.
  • Hourly programs (doublers) – Interest is occurred hourly and
    a deposit amount is doubled in a very short period of time, e.g., a day.

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