Mobile applications are probably the hottest things available for most smartphones. There have millions of applications for the iPhone and for Android powered devices which are available for download. Some apps are likely to do a lot better while others don’t survive due to the heavy competition. Thousands of applications keep on releasing and the ones which offer the best design are likely to be the ones that succeed. There have been changes in the design for many Android and iPhone apps and there are some trends which developers should follow, for the year of 2012, if they want to get a good customer base.

Startup screens are probably the most important when it comes to a decent app design. The startup screen is the first thing that the user will see once he/she launches the application and developers should pay a lot of attention to the startup image. This startup screen will give an idea about how the app is designed and the foursquare app is possibly one of the best apps in terms of the startup image. Color, font and designs are important when it comes to making the perfect startup image for an app.

Texture is another important part of an app and developers need to pay attention to the texture as well. From the navigation bar to the buttons, everything needs to have the perfect texture. Leather, wooden and metallic textures are quite trendy and will be the perfect option for apps in 2012.

One benchmark app when many developers can use is the Instagram app. The app was initially an iPhone app and is now available for Android powered devices. It is basically an app to upload and share pictures, however, the filters and the brilliant user interface makes it one of the best applications on, both, the iPhone and the Android OS. Instagram is really easy to use and the user interface is just amazing. From the navigation bar to displaying pictures, this is the perfect app in terms of design and user interface.

Choosing the perfect color is also vital in app designing. Color is one of those things which can change the way a user feels about the application. Previously, bright and glossy colors were quite popular and they were successful in most smartphone applications. However, the current trend indicates that users prefer bold and simple colors without any additional glossy touch. The color can change the views of the user which is developers need to make sure that they use the perfect color for their apps. Dark blue and red are amongst some of the popular colors for apps in 2012.

Lastly, developers need to focus on the overall design of the app. The design should be clean and simple for people to use it easily. A lot of users don’t like advanced options and a messy screen which is why simplicity is really important in 2012. Apart from this, using the right text is also essential. The application should use large fonts for people to read and operate the application properly. The style of font is also important and shadowy fonts are being used by a lot of new developers.