Geo Fencing is one of the features that complete the mobile tracking feature set. No monitoring/tracking app is complete without the addition of this particular feature. So what is Geo Fencing? What does it do? And how can you make the best use of it? To find out, read on…


A Strong Support:

To monitor the activities of your employees thoroughly, employers need the support of mobile monitoring apps. These apps could actually help them keep track of all the cell phone related activities of their employees at all times by providing employers access to a wide range of their cell phone data. This data includes access to all the:

  • SMS messages records,
  • Phone call records,
  • WhatsApp messages,
  • E-mail messages,
  • Audio, video and images files,
  • Contact numbers,
  • GPS location and

A wide range of other features related to your employee’s Android phone.

Selecting StealthGenie:

To select a mobile monitoring app at first, you need to decide on the best in the businesses and to avoid any fuss I would straight away recommend StealthGenie to you. This app is simply amazing and it monitors all the activities of your employees without giving anyone even a hint of its presence inside their phone. It does not even disrupt any feature of your employee’s Android phone and completes its job in a pretty professional manner.


Geo-Fencing is one exciting feature of this monitoring app that is exclusive to StealthGenie. This feature helps users mark safe and restricted zones. If your employee leaves the safe zone, e.g. your office premises, you will be instantly alerted about it. Similarly if an employee of yours enters any restricted area (where they should not be), you will be alerted about that as well.

Suitable Handsets:

Google, Huawei, Samsung, Acer, Dell, Sony, Motorola and other Android phones with an operating system starting from 2.1 and going as high as 4.2.2 is all completely compatible with this app. StealthGenie offers its users with an excellent customer support service. A talented support staff helps employers solve all their issues within no time whatsoever.

Another First:

Another First from StealthGenie; Android Geo-Fencing is one extra-ordinary addition to the StealthGenie’s bag of features. Get this app immediately and keep on knowing more about this app, the more you use it.