When it comes to engaging with the DC Universe, there are many avenues – from the blockbuster releases in cinemas to online games or through the world of collectible action figures and comic books. But as mobile gaming is increasingly becoming the most popular format of gaming, the simplest way of engaging with the franchise is through your smartphone.

There is a plethora of DC mobile games available, so it can be difficult to ascertain which ones are worth playing. Much like their superhero rival, Marvel, people end up at DC from a variety of sources and fanbases, so the gameplay needs to be broad enough to entice even the most casual of fans. The likelihood is that fans of Batman will be enticed to play – and come away as fans of Superman, too!


DC Legends

DC Legends is probably the most accessible of the DC mobile games for fans of the canon due to the range of heroes included. Solely Batman fans will be attracted to the game to play as the Dark Knight, but they will also be introduced to a host of other heroes they might be less familiar with such as Flash, Green Arrow or Harley Quinn. Playing as heroes and villains and being introduced to the major characters from the franchise allows for greater gaming integration.

The gameplay follows an ‘end of the world’ scenario that requires all of DC’s superheroes to band together to save it. The campaign is long – which enables players to become fully invested in the game. Yet, it can also be played in short, sharp bursts. The vast amount of unlockable characters – some of which require further downloads to enhance the characters’ abilities – give a sense of accomplishment as fans traverse the DC universe. This is a turn-based strategy game with some fighting elements, acting as a multifaceted game in order to keep players entertained for longer.

Man of Steel

The Man of Steel – Superman – recently hit his 50th birthday, and as such, a Man of Steel Experience mobile game was released to celebrate. The game, a standard first-person fighter, follows Clark Kent as he comes to terms with being a superhero. The gameplay is fairly standard and easy to grasp, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the hero from Krypton. The game takes off with Clark getting to grips with his newfound abilities and the fact that there is a limit to his powers. While this adds the difficulty factor fans crave, it also limits the environment interaction.

To engage with the Man of Steel elsewhere on your mobile, Sun Bingo’s mobile app includes a Man of Steel game, which uses the Superman theme to allow for slot gameplay on your mobile. WDW’s welcome offers of a 300% deposit bonus offers a chance for players to win as Superman, as well as punching enemies into walls. The game wraps the slot gameplay up with Superman-style content – all themed around Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

Batman: The Telltale Series


Batman: The Telltale Series is another game added to the catalogue of Batman games, and as it can be played on mobile, it allows players to take Batman into their own hands to protect Gotham City. Unlike the fighter games, the Telltale Series is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure, featuring extensive narrative surrounding Gotham, Arkham, and Batman. The game allows players to flick between playing as Batman, and playing as Bruce Wayne – and offers opportunities for players to choose who might handle a situation better. Fighting gameplay comes in the form of quick time event (QTE) decision-making to determine the outcome – a contextual analysis based style of gaming – and the detective work that is involved in the game refers to Batman’s roots and skills. The game can be picked up and played whenever convenient, and the gameplay involved bolsters this method of gaming.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Tying into the blockbuster Batman vs Superman in 2016, Injustice: Gods Among Us follows a rift between Superman and Batman, and allows the host of heroes and villains from the DC universe to choose sides and help/hinder the player. The mobile version of the game features fighting style gameplay, but also a strong non-canon narrative from the DC world. Breaking from the format of having to stick to the book, the game allows interesting avenues to be followed (Lois Lane being killed, for example).

There are a variety of DC games available for mobile. However, no doubt if you’re a fan of one aspect of DC, before long you’ll be downloading and playing the other games available – just don’t mention Marvel!