Poker may be considered as the most widely and popular card game across the globe. What was initially just a part of casinos is now a part of everyone’s life, thanks to the courtesy of online gaming and social networking websites such as Facebook where you can play Poker apps free of cost without any real money at stake with your friends. But now a new face of gaming is sharing the big picture and it’s the world of mobile gaming. What’s interesting in driving a high speed car through the busy street roads when everybody can do the same? Interesting is to drive the same car thunderously and enjoying the thrill when your teacher is giving a boring lecture to the class.


The world of mobile gaming is in prominence ever since Apple launched the iTunes Store. The store which is a home to millions of apps has more and more being added day by day. Then came Android with its open source code that allowed everyone to be a part of it. Also, Android was not limited to a certain manufacturer and that gave immense popularity to mobile gaming all around the world. More developers are getting in and therefore, more apps are being made.

We all know what Classic Poker was like. The location was generally a casino where a dealer used to deal all the cards and 5 to 6 players were attending the Round-Table-Conference. But the crowd was generally elite who could afford such expensive casinos where a bet below a thousand dollars was not considered valid. So the arrival of internet has done the same thing to these games what digital records did to music. Now everyone can enjoy it and nobody cares if it’s royale or not!

As the platform of gaming changed, so did the gameplay. Though the original gameplay of Poker is still the same, there are many more new elements that are part of the mobile apps. For example, no more do you need to hide your face when you’re bluffing. You’re sitting at your home and so do the other players. You can chat with them, send them gifts and there’s much more! Then comes the Virtual Money! This is the most important factor that games like Poker have been able to find a place in families. Earlier they were mostly rejected due to involvement of money and addiction to such problems. Now you can lose millions of dollars and still go home with a big smile on your face.

But it doesn’t mean that real money Poker is lost. Apart from casinos, you can find many dedicated websites that allow you to play hard Poker from your home and in fact, even these websites have their mobile versions. Just Google “Poker” and you’ll find hundreds of links of such websites such as Zynga, Pokerstars, etc. But many countries don’t allow online gaming. So if yours is one of them, don’t worry as most of these websites offer free gaming as well!