This year, Marvel movies will be taking over cinemas yet again with the releases of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously, we’re already pretty excited for these upcoming blockbusters here at Apps Mirror so we thought we’d cover three of the best Marvel mobile games in preparation for these upcoming releases.

3. Marvel: Roulette


Created by online games developers Playtech, Marvel Roulette is a real winner amongst Marvel fanatics. Based on the popular European roulette style found on online casinos, this edition of Marvel roulette features all your favorite characters (and Ghost Rider) as well as a several special features, prizes and a seriously exciting Marvel Bonus.

If you fancy playing Marvel Roulette, we recommend you take a look at the variety of casino promotions from bgo as you can bag yourself 20 free spins and up to £1,500 in deposit bonuses so you can play to your heart’s content. When you’re all registered, place a wager on the Marvel Bonus and if the ball falls into place, you will be instantly directed to a new screen featuring a video slot. Like most other video slots, players are rewarded depending on which symbols they can match. By far the most lucrative sequence to aim for is three Spiderman symbols, as you’ll receive a 100x multiplier, though every other character has their own multiplier bonuses as well. Plus, as if that wasn’t impressive enough, there are four possible jackpots to score with a minimum of £50 up for grabs.

Now, we know that there are a lot of Marvel-themed games available online and on mobile –  bgo alone is home to several titles including Hulk, The Avengers and Fantastic Four – but this one is special. As much as we’d like to discuss the developer’s decision to have Spiderman as the most lucrative symbol (is it his popularity or sheer power that informed that choice?), there are more games we could cover instead if there was enough space in this article! Let’s just mention the Iron Man and X-Men slot – available on sites including moneyslots and freeslots77, where you can play for free.

2. Marvel: Contest of Champions


Over the years, there have been numerous combat games based on comic books – most notably, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Injustice. So, by the time Marvel: Contest of Champions came around it had a lot to live up to, especially since it’s an iOS game. Fortunately, the developers have managed to create a simple yet satisfying and slick comic book combat game that works extremely well on the mobile platform. Based on the miniseries of the same name, Contest features a variety of well-known Marvel characters and villains, all of whom have been brainwashed into competing in The Contest. From there, your job is to kick butt and take names using your character of choice.

Of course, as this is a free-to-play game there are a few IAPs. Though there is plenty to play without spending a penny, you can exchange real dollars for Units (the game’s currency) and booster packs. Prices start at $4.99 (£4) and range up to $99.99 (£80) for Unit packs, which will help you fill out your superhero roster and purchase some other goodies. Still, these purchases are by no means necessary as you can get through the game without them; you just have to be patient.

1. Marvel Puzzle Quest


Finally there’s Marvel Puzzle Quest, a Marvel RPG/Bejeweled-esque crossover where players must create a sequence of gems to get ahead. We know what you’re thinking – these sorts of games are for moms who have just discovered tablets – but let us explain why Marvel Puzzle Quest tops our list.

During each round, you control three superheroes as they battle three villains, heroes or occasionally, goons. When you manage to match up specific colored gems your characters will attack and you charge up special moves for your heroes, for instance purple gems allow Hawkeye to ‘Take Aim’. In addition to this, skills are also up for grabs and so the game is really more about strategy than just matching gems. As you continue to play more characters, abilities and upgrades will be unlocked so Marvel Puzzle Quest never feels like a grind. All in all, this game exceeds expectations entirely and is definitely the best Marvel mobile game available.

So here ends our personal list of the best Marvel mobile games, but you might think differently. If you prefer Marvel Avengers Academy, Marvel Tsum Tsum or even Marvel Future Fights, let us know in the comments below!