The world as we know it is rapidly changing due to the influence of technology. New jobs are popping up every day, and most old ones look nothing like they used to. 

As new software and hardware are being developed, everything around us is slowly packing things and moving to set camp in the digital world. Many jobs can already be performed with nothing but a laptop.

Security careers, in particular, are the ones that are thrust at the forefront of progress. Keeping one step ahead is very important if you want to work in the security field and be good at it. 

Applications affect every aspect regardless of if it is purely work-related things like keeping track of your device or something secondary, like having access to your favorite music.

So here are some of the most useful iPhone apps that will be of help to you. While the list may not be extensive, you might find some universal options that will fit into pretty much any work environment.


When engaged in a security job, maintaining a solid schedule is one of the most important things to do.TimeTune will help you out in keeping track of everything planned. 

Keeping to it will help you develop and/or reinforce discipline, which is an extremely valuable trait. This will be useful not only in security work but in pretty much every field. An account can be shared across platforms to ensure you are never caught off-guard.

Developing a schedule is especially important at the beginning of your career. As some are forced to balance part-time jobs with studying, it can be very easy to lose concentration and make mistakes you can’t afford. 

If you’re feeling you’re about to be overwhelmed – don’t wait for it to happen. Reach out to an online writing service like essaypro to help you with any written assignment.

Avira Mobile Security

Protecting sensitive information that may be stored on a company or personal devices is a must. Causing a data breach can have severe consequences both for your employer and yourself. 

Depending on the place you work at, one can even be fired for failing to secure a work device. That’s why taking extra steps to ensure your device is secure never hurts.

Here’s what you need to keep an eye on:

  • Suspicious website warnings;
  • Identity safeguard;
  • Device tracking;
  • Anti-virus support.

These are some of the features Avira Mobile Security offers to its users. And while you can fine-tune the systems of most services to fulfill many of these functions, things like device tracking is almost invaluable. 

Knowing where your iPhone is at all times can spare you a lot of stress.


In the security field, you rarely work alone. Maintaining close contact with your colleagues can be very important. Usually, a separate and secure communication network is provided by the employer. 

And if it’s not creating such, this should be one of your first priorities. But until you’re done with the logistics, having a quick and easy way to communicate like GroupMe will help you out a lot.


Working security means dealing with a lot of routine tasks. That’s why knowing how to kill time is such a valuable skill. And there’s no better way to brighten your working hours than with some music. 

This applies mostly to desk jobs. Packing a selection of your favorite tracks or downloading a bunch of podcasts to listen to while you’re working hard can help you reduce the burnout effect of the job.


Regardless of whether you work in the field or behind the desk – keeping yourself in shape is always a good idea. Whether it’s a necessity or simply for health reasons, a short workout every day definitely won’t hurt. 

GymBook will provide you with a whole encyclopedia of various instructions on how to best maintain your body in decent shape. It’s quick and effective.

You’ll easily be able to find just the right exercise. Everything is nicely structured into easy to navigate categories. The interface is intuitive, and the explanations are clear and accompanied by pictures and schematics.

So even if you’re not actually working out, having this app on your iPhone will, at the very least, make you feel just a bit better about yourself on account of thinking about starting to exercise.

Final Words

There are just a few apps that can universally fit any job. Even if you narrow it down to only security careers. 

This means that when it comes to picking apps to help you out throughout the working hours, you should think about what fits you personally. 

Don’t get swayed by marketing ploys. Try things out yourself. After all, you can always uninstall an app if it’s not to your liking.