Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) were launched in September 2008 and June 2007 respectively. Since their launch, they have dominated the mobile operating system industry, fighting for supremacy in the industry.

The online gaming world is feeling the heat of the supremacy battle. Mobile slot players use either of these mobile operating systems while playing their favorite games – which are often found on online casino sites listed on New Casinos UK – on their tablets or smartphones.

Spotting the difference between the two may be tricky considering that both operating systems display the modern slots perfectly on Android and iOS devices.

Nevertheless, they aren’t identical. Some of the differences that are worth noting will be discussed here. The article also provides a list of some of the bonuses available for players on both operating systems.  

How to Download Slots Apps

You will notice the most notable difference between these two mobile operating systems when downloading apps for online casinos.

Google Play and Apple don’t share a similar policy on mobile gaming. Be familiar with these policies before you download either of the apps on your mobile device.

Mobile Slots Apps for Android

Google Play Store hasn’t been accommodating towards gambling. It frowns at real-money gambling apps and doesn’t allow developers to put any of these apps in its store. However, there are some exceptions. For instance, they accept casinos that are targeted at Ireland, France, and the UK. Nevertheless, real-money slot apps are unavailable in most countries, including the US.

However, Google Play offers gamblers in the restricted countries access to “freemium” slots apps.

On the official websites of several casinos, you can find their Android apps. These gaming platforms are responsible for their downloadable apps that users can download on their Android devices.

You can search for such gaming sites and download their apps on your Android device. Most of these gaming platforms provide instructions that can guide and help you identify your choice before you initiate the download process.

Mobile Slots Apps for iOS

On the other hand, Apple has always been more accommodating towards real-money gambling. If you visit the App Store, you will find a long list of casinos that have offered their apps to iPad and iPhone users to their players in most parts of the world.

Recently, though, Apple has imposed some restrictions on gaming providers. It makes it mandatory for such providers to use iOS native programming language for their app development.

Online gaming companies can produce HTML apps. These are cheaper than using the iOS native programming language. Thus, many casinos have found an alternative to the App Store.

The good news is that casinos that already have their apps on App Store are not deleted from the store. Hence, you can still find tons of slot and online casino apps for the iPhone on the App Store.

Despite an alternative option, some mobile operators will use the iOS native programming language in compliance with Apple’s demand, which is great for gamblers checking the App Store for new casino apps for their iPhone devices.

Instant Play Smartphone Slots

Given the need to cater to the gaming needs of iOS players and Android players, some online casinos don’t feature apps. They offer browser-based or instant play slots instead.

Android Browser-Based Casinos

Android and iOS have taken over 75% and 25% of the mobile market respectively. The considerable margin can be attributed to Android’s availability on an array of devices. Although it was previously mentioned that there is a big difference between the two operating systems, operators will more likely optimize their websites for Android than iOS users.

iOS Browser-Based Casinos

Although Android leads the supremacy battle, iOS is still ahead of other options such as Samsung, KaiOS, and Windows. Price is one of the biggest challenges for Apple based casinos – The latest iPhone sells for north of $699 and this is one of the major reasons why many people stay away from that phone.

Whereas Google makes Android a cross-phone operating system and is available on several devices unlike the iOS. This has resulted in an affordable price range for users, irrespective of their financial status.

iOS and Android Casino Bonuses

There’s no difference between the two operating systems in terms of casino bonuses. When using either iOS or Android, you can find some attractive offers.

No Deposit Bonus

Newly-registered members of a mobile casino earn this bonus after completing their registration process. You may receive a no deposit bonus that can’t be cashed out immediately. Rather, you keep your potential winnings and the left-over of the bonus once you meet their terms and conditions.

The wagering requirements, the number of times you wager the bonus before cashing it out, is significant so keep an eye out for this.

Free Spins

When you’re offered free spins after making your first deposit or as a part of the registration incentive, you can play some casino games without wagering and risking your money. You can use the free spins to win money on the slots they’re for, although these winnings are usually capped. You can withdraw the accumulated winnings after meeting any stipulated terms and conditions.

Deposit Bonus

As the name implies, you earn this bonus when you make a deposit. A percentage of your deposit is usually offered back as your deposit bonus.

Welcome Bonus

This is the first bonus you will receive from a casino after making the initial deposit. Sometimes, it may extend to subsequent deposits.

Bitcoin Bonus

More online casinos have included Bitcoin (BTC) in their supported deposit methods. Some offer cryptocurrency bonuses as well. If you are a cryptocurrency lover, you may want to check out these websites.

Android or iOS Slots, Which is the Winner?

Both operating systems have their pros. Affordable Android devices are available for players to play real-money slots. You can also take advantage of the browser-based instant play option. On the other hand, iPad and iPhone are two iOS-based products that are unarguably the best in both tablet and smartphone categories.

Whatever your choice, rest assured that an exciting gaming experience lies ahead. iPhones, Androids, and iPads feature top-notch animations and quality graphics for all mobile casino gamers.