It is true that the iPhone is a great opportunity, but how do you get your app to rise above the hundreds and thousands of apps that are already out there? Here are fifteen suggestions for marketing your iPhone applications, especially applicable for the small developer. You may not be able to do all at once, but if you start by applying one at a time, you will surely see more and more people finding your app.

1.  POSITION YOUR PRODUCT: It is essential to consider who will be the ultimate user of the application and where they would look for information and ideas about the application.

2. PUT RICH CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE: The use of quality text, italics, hyperlinks, screencasts, user testimonials and flash based motion graphics will all have an impact on the traffic to your website.

3. MARKET YOUR WEBSITE, NOT YOUR APP STORE PAGE: All marketing efforts should be aimed at your website that promotes the app. Where ever you place a link, it must be a link to your home page and not the App Store URL.

4.ADD PLENTY OF CONTENT TO YOUR WEBSITE: Include blogs about the application, development process, testimonials and general stories about the iPhone industry. This ensures that others will link to your website and result in more traffic.

5. MAKE CUSTOM APP STORE LINKS USING YOUR OWN WEBSITE: Using a deluxe loading page, which acts as a proxy for the app store will enable to put to valuable information on it.

6.ENCOURAGE WORD OF MOUTH: Word of mouth, whether in person, email or social networking is the most effective marketing tool. Encourage people to involve in this by including elements that enable them to easily link it on their Twitter or Facebook page.

7. MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE: Enable people to link to your app store URL by providing a read only text field that is filled with app store URL.

8. SEND TRAFFIC AND LINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE: Making YouTube videos of your app, adding comments to blogs, participating in online communities are all ways to enhance traffic and links to your website.

9. BUILD AND CONTACT YOUR EMAIL LIST: This helps to reach out to users when new products come out, announce upgrades, offer suggestions, announce times of sales and deals as well as gather reviews.

10.CREATE IN-APP MARKETING: Integrating with social networks, using the email lists to emphasize people to sign up for regular emails and using different ways to collect voluntary data from users adds value and awareness for the app.

11. MAKE SOME NEWS: Whenever you have information on new applications released or upgraded versions introduced, reduction in prices or special events, always make a big deal out of it so that more people are made aware.

12. MAKE CUSTOM LINKS TO THE APP STORE FROM YOUR OWN WEBSITE: This task is for providing links to the app store from your own website. The deluxe loading page will not have to do much marketing. It should be used to give a nicer experience to the user.

13. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Think outside the box and offer a free version of your app with the single aim of building customer list or getting exposure for your products.

14. COME FULL CIRCLE: Always keep testing your page and make sure that your best screenshot or performing text is moved to the app store entry.

15. GET SOME HELP: Professional help will definitely improve the results of your marketing efforts.

To conclude, by implementing some or all of the above mentioned suggestions, you can improve the results of your marketing efforts which are aimed at promoting your iPhone application.